3 Time Saving Tools for Moms

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I'm going to share my three favorite time saving tools with you today. If you'd like to send a little less time on chores, be sure to check these out!

Sometimes, it’s important to outsource.  I have heard this for years, but never thought it was something I could afford.  Outsourcing to me means a nanny, a maid, a cook, etc.  Recently, I’ve learned to get creative with my outsourcing, and it’s been a huge help!  I may not have a maid and a cook, but I do have a few time saving tools up my sleeve.  I’m going to share my three favorite tools with you today. If you’d like to send a little less time on chores, be sure to check these out!

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1. iRobot Roomba Robotic Vacuum

I’ve wanted one of these vacuums for years.  Floors are my biggest pet peeve, and they seem to take so long to clean.   It would eat up hours of time, and drove me absolutely crazy.  Now, I have a Roomba, and it keeps my floors clean for me!

The Roomba is great for so many reason.

  • It goes off on a timer
  • Cleans under my couches and tables easily
  • Goes from carpet to tile without hesitation.

All I have to do is remember to clean out the filter and clean it every few days.  Otherwise, my floors stay clean without me breaking my back 3 times a week lugging my big vacuum out of the closet.

We have 5 pets in the house (yes, I’m that crazy),  plus 2 kids, and a husband that doesn’t notice when he tracks in dirt.  The Roomba takes care of all of it!  I will admit, I was very nervous to make such a big purchase, but I have no buyers remorse. I love that I can come home in the evening and my floors are already clean.  It gives me time to move on to other tasks, such as dinner!

2. The Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

Where has this device been all my life?  During the school year, I struggle with keeping healthy meals on the table in between all of our evening activities.  It’s way too easy to grab take-out, which was turning into a bad habit.

The Instant Pot allows me to cook a wide variety of dishes in next to no time.  I can cook a roast or a whole chicken in under an hour.  Smaller dishes take around 20 minutes (from frozen).  It’s amazing.  These are full flavor dishes, and because they’re cooked under pressure, they have maximum retained nutrients.  That’s right up my alley!  If you’re contemplating getting an Instant Pot, I’ve shared a few recipes on the blog.  You can find them here.

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3. Amazon Prime Account

A few years ago, I accidentally ended up paying for an Amazon Prime account when my free trial ran out. At first, I freaked out, but I quickly learned what a valuable time saving tool I’d ended up with.  I have to admit, free 2-day shipping is so much easier than going to the store with 2 kids.  I use my Prime account so much now.

With Amazon Prime, I buy almost every birthday and holiday gift, vitamins,  movies, books, and Epsom Salt and other bath products.  You name it, I probably buy it on Amazon.  I’ve recently learned that you can buy things like toilet paper and dish soap and have them delivered directly to your door!  Who needs to go to the store, when you can have all of your necessities brought right to you?  Since shipping is free, I don’t feel the need to add extra items to my cart to justify the charges.

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These Time Saving Tools Save My Sanity

Eliminating a few simple, daily tasks has helped relieve so much stress.  These tools have allowed me to spend less time on chores, and more time doing what I love.  My floors are clean, healthy dinners are cooked, and essentials are delivered right to my door.  These time saving tools may not be considered outsourcing in the traditional sense, but they have still been a huge help for me!

What time saving tools do you have in your home?  I’d love to hear about the products you love in the comments below!



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