3 Trim Healthy Mama Pitfalls I’ve Experienced So Far

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It took me 4 months to figure out the Trim Healthy Mama pitfalls I was falling into , so I'm going to do you a huge favor and share them with you right now! Hopefully, this list keeps you on track from day one. #trimhealthymama #weightloss

Have you heard of the Trim Healthy Mama meal plan? Have you considered trying it?

This past December, I finally decided to give this plan a try.  I started reading through the book right before Christmas, implementing small changes right away, and fully dove in in January.

The plan boasts about food freedom, and a gentler approach to losing weight. And it’s true…kind of.

I started Trim Healthy Mama full of optimism after reading hundreds of success stories. The book made a ton of sense, and I was sure it held the missing piece to my weight struggles.

My weight loss started slowly, but, that’s what the authors had prepared us for.  Your body needs time to heal from the low carb, calorie counting mindset you’ve been in for so long. It made sense.

Then, I went into a cycle of losing a few pounds, and gaining a few pounds for about 2 months. It was frustrating, because it’s the same issue I’d had before. It took a few weeks, but I finally figured out what I was doing to stall my efforts.  Since then, I’ve seen a consistent downward trend.

It took me 4 months to figure out the Trim Healthy Mama pitfalls I was falling into , so I’m going to do you a huge favor and share them with you right now! Hopefully, this list keeps you on track from day one.

1. It’s an easy plan, but only if your head is in the game.

I first went into the THM lifestyle with the mindset that this wasn’t far off from what I was already doing.  While that was true, there were also a lot of differences.  First of all, what I was doing before wasn’t working. And, that’s because it didn’t really have any rules.

So, I quickly fell back into some old habits I’d picked up over time. Relaxing a bit more on the weekends, not exercising like I should, and incorporating way too many off-plan treats.

See, this plan is not hard.  But, I’d tricked myself into thinking I needed a break from it on the weekends.  So, we’d eat out, grab a sno-cone, or I’d have a bit more wine than I should.  None of these seem detrimental, especially on a plan who’s motto is “you’re only 3 hours away from your next trimming meal,” but when you do it over and over, it adds up.

3 weeks ago, I decided to change my mindset and give this plan a solid try. They make it so easy to stay on plan, with all of the dessert and snack recipes.  I really had no excuse.  So, I buckled down and made a commitment to stick to the plan, and I was right.  It’s not hard.  It just takes being intentional.

Moral of this story? Change your mindset.  You don’t need a THM break every weekend.  It will de-rail your efforts and keep you from losing weight. (At least, if you’re a stubborn loser like me).

Instead of a break, whip up your favorite on-plan dessert to keep you on track.  If you don’t have one, and you love chocoloate, I highly recommend this recipe. I found it 4 days after I decided to stay on plan and my sweet tooth came on in full force.  Determined to avoid my normal pitfalls, I searched Pinterest and this recipe called my name.  My whole family loved them, and they really got me over that initial craving.


2. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

I think this is a pitfall that everyone falls into a little bit when they first start this plan. Dessert is on plan.  So are shakes, fancy coffee drinks, and all sorts of other treats.  And, they’ve got good ingredients in them, so technically, they can replace a meal.

In the beginning, it’s a bit of a novelty. You can basically eat all the dessert you want and still lose weight! Cake for breakfast, anyone?

Well, as it turns out, this doesn’t leave you with a very well-rounded diet.  It becomes easy to over-do it and before you know it, you’re not any better off than you were before.

Yes, you can have desserts and special treats on Trim Healthy Mama.  But the whole idea behind a “treat” is that you don’t have it every day.

Moral of the story: Desserts and treats are great,but it’s not exactly weight loss friendly to eat them daily. Save these to really treat yourself during a craving and you’ll appreciate them so much more.

3. Just because you’re not counting calories, doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

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Okay, okay.  Pearl and Serene (the authors of the books) actually warn us against this one.  Just because we’re not counting calories, doesn’t mean we can abuse them, either.  But, coming from a background of counting calories for years (even on Paleo, Whole 30, and going low-carb), I found that freedom a little too liberating.

“S” meals (meals fueled by healthy fats) were my weakness.  Sure, it counts as an “S” meal simply based on the fact that I cooked everything in butter and cooked up a fattier cut of meat.  But, I can also add some cheese, guacamole, and extra butter to make it even better.  I mean, thery said not to limit fats, right??

Over the last few weeks, though, I’ve really grown to appreciate the concept of a “Deep S” meal.  That is a meal that is still high in fats, but only the pure fats, rather than the added fats.

For example, a couple of eggs and greens fried in butter have plenty of healthy fats on their own. They don’t actually need anything extra.  By keeping this meal exactly as is, I not only get all of my healthy fats in for that meal, but I manage to keep the calorie count considerably lower.


Moral of the story: It’s really easy to over-indulge if you’re not careful. Enjoy your heavy S meals every now and then. Load that taco salad down with lots of sour cream, cheese, and guacamole.  But, remember to balance that out with some meals that are a bit lighter.  Not every S meal needs to be loaded down with tons of extra toppings.

If you’re just getting started on your Trim Healthy Mama journey, congrats! At it’s core, it’s a really great plan.  Be sure to watch out for any pitfalls you might come across that can stall your efforts.  These were the 3 I found myself falling into, so I hope my list helps!

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  1. Ree Anderson

    I have tried this plan over and over and over and never did lose any weight. Yes, I’m sure I overdid it on portions. I also have a really hard time distinguishing heavy S, carbs that are safe in an S meal, protein count safe in an E meal, yadda, yadda! I do have a couple of their books that I read, re-read and re-read and it’s still confusing to me.

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