5 Tips to Start Living a More Natural Lifestyle

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simple steps to a more natural lifestyle

Trying to start living a more natural lifestyle? Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed! These 5 tips will give you a real focus as you start this transition and begin to live a healthier life.

I’ve been working towards a more natural lifestyle for close to 10 years now. It started with a realiziation of what sort of impact I was having on the environment, but once my first daughter was born, it became something more.

Are you trying to get started? I thought I’d share my top 5 tips for making the switch!

1. Baby Steps.

When we first started changing our lifestyle, we had no money. We were living paycheck to paycheck (sometimes, not even that) and really couldn’t afford a lot. For us, overhauling everything in our home wasn’t even an option. There’s no way we could have afforded it!

Plus, this lifestyle wasn’t as popular back then, so there were a lot fewer resources available to help people learn. In fact, I don’t even think Pinterest was around yet. (Um…how did we learn anything before that??)

It took us a long time to make changes, but slowly, we swapped over more and more practices to be more natural.

Nearly 10 years later, our lives look way different than they did at first. Things I considered to be the best back when we started are things I’d never allow today.

Now, when people look at the things I do and the products I buy, it looks so different from what they currently do that it seems impossible. But, it doesn’t have to be. It’s important to remember than many (if not most) people you see living a natural lifestyle have been gradually changing their lives over the course of years. 

This isn’t something you should expect to do all in one week. A change like this takes time! Give yourself grace, and remember that every single baby step you take towards a more natural lifestyle is a step in the right direction.

2. Swap to Natural Cleaning Products

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This was the most natural place for me to start, and it’s usually the first change I recommend. That’s because cleaning is something we do every day, and that one change can have a huge impact on our health and our chemical footprint.

Looking for some all natural spring cleaning supplies this year? I'm rounding up all of my favorites so you can clean your whole house without a single worry!

I’m currently using Branch Basics Cleaner Concentrate, which is super affordable and easy to mix up in a pinch (literally a capful of cleaner and some water). When I first started out, though, I mixed up my own cleaners using vinegar, water, and essential oils. You can find a lot of my favorite recipes here to try!

I also use wool dryer balls instead of dryer sheets, baking soda instead of soft scrub, and a steam mop instead of mopping with a solution!

3. Eat Real Food

It’s not exactly rocket science that real, whole foods are better for you than the processed chemical crap that gets sold in stores. I always new salads were better for me than Kraft Mac, but that didn’t make it easier to make the switch.

Still, our entire family has been healthier on real foods than we ever were before.

Don’t know where to start? The general rule of thumb is to stick to the perimeter of the grocery store (produce, dairy, meat) and avoid as many of the “middle” aisles full of boxed and canned ingredients as possible. My motto when we first got started was:

Pick foods as close as possible to their natural state.

What I meant by that was, each step a food has to take to get to you, is a step that takes away nutrition. Fresh produce is healthier than canned or frozen (although we still get those, we just check for added ingredients). Raw, unseasoned meat is a healthier option than the pre-cooked, pre-seasoned choices in the store. You get the idea.

Want to learn more about clean eating and switching to a real food lifestyle? Be sure to check out this post.

4. Reach for Essential Oils

I know they’re all the rage right now, and it can seem easy to call them a “fad” and move on. But, seriously, essential oils have been around forever! (Something like 6,000 years, in fact).

I started using essential oils when I first started making my own cleaners, but about 4 years ago, I really dove in and started learning more.

I had no idea back then how much we’d use our oils for! Now, we use essential oils to stay healthy, to calm down and sleep, for healthy skin, and to keep the house smelling amazing. Want to learn more about how we use oils? I wrote a blog post with a lot more information right here!

5. Use Natural Beauty and Skincare Products

Skincare was something we switched pretty early, due to some skin issues, but we’re always finding new products to try. As for my makeup, that was my most recent transition to a natural lifestyle. I knew I needed to make the switch, but it was overwhelming!

There are so many companies boasting natural products, but once I’d start reading the labels, I’d see so many ingredients that aren’t natural. Or, I’d find certain products that were clean, but other products in the same line that weren’t.

I wanted to find a line that I could trust completely, without having to read every single ingredient label. So, I waited a long time.

If you want a break-down of the exact products I can’t live without, be sure to check out my all natural beauty routine! You can also find my favorite natural beauty stores online.

live more naturally with these 5 easy steps

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