25+ Bullet Journal Page Ideas to Inspire You

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bullet journal page ideas

Need some planning inspiration? Check out these 25 bullet journal page ideas to inspire you to use your journal to the fullest.

I have been obsessed with my bullet journal for close to a year now – ever since I realized my paper planner was no longer working for me. When I opened my first journal and stared down a book full of totally empty pages, though, I had no idea where to start. Yes, I’d done some reading, and I knew the idea I had for my journal. But, there’s something about staring at hundreds of empty pages that just makes your mind go blank.

The beauty of a bullet journal is that you can customize it to fit exactly what you need most. Need lots of space for lists? You got it! Or maybe you want to track a lot of projects or goals? Perfect! While that makes a bullet journal a great fit for so many people, it also means we can get overwhelmed with options.

Do you need some inspiration to help you get started? I compiled a list of 25 bullet journal page ideas to help inspire you!

Bullet Journal Page Ideas to Inspire You

Week at a glance bullet journal page

One of my planning staples is a week at a glance page. I like to see the full week laid out for me.

This gives me space to schedule in appointments and times we’ll be out of the house. I can look at this while making plans and see more of a “big picture” of what our week looks like so I know if I have time for something else.

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread
Bullet Journal Setup Idea

The daily spread

A daily spread is a great place to get really detailed about what needs to be done. There’s space for to-do lists, meal plans, time blocking, and anything else you may need. I don’t actually use a daily spread every day, but that’s one of the things I really love about using a bullet journal. These resources are there when you need them, but not necessary every day.

I like to sit down the evening before I know I have a big day and plan it out. That way, when I wake up in the morning, I can get right into what I need to do.

The monthly layout

Just like the weekly spread, the monthly spread is a great place to get a big picture look at what life is looking like. I can take one look at my monthly spread and know exactly when to schedule that appointment, class, or lunch date.

bullet journal page ideas : month at a glance

The goal tracking bullet journal page

There are so many different ways you can track your goals in your bullet journal. I prefer a simpler layout that stands in as a regular reminder of what I want to accomplish.

You can also make it more detailed and add trackers, an action plan, or break it down into smaller goals to help you get there.

bullet journal page ideas : goals tracker

Your word of the year or personal mission statement

Do you pick a word of the year? Maybe a personal mission statement?

I’m a word-of-the-year girl myself, but either way, your bullet journal is a great place to display that as a regular reminder throughout the year. I like to use my first page for this, so it’s visible every time I open my bullet journal.

A list of birthdays

Facebook does a pretty good job of keeping me in the loop for my friends’ and family’s birthdays, but there’s just one flaw.

I don’t get a reminder until the day of. So, if I want to send a card, buy a gift, or plan to take a friend out for lunch, I’m left scrambling at the last minute.

That’s why I prefer to keep track of important birthdays year round. By doing so, I have time to prepare ahead of time!

A bullet journal page for quotes

I’m a big fan of quotes, whether they’re for inspiration, positive affirmation, or just funny sayings. As I find new ones I love, I like to jot them down in my bullet journal. Sometimes, these become quote graphics for my Instagram profile. Other times, I just use them as inspiration.

The budget page

There are a lot of ways you can use your bullet journal to track your budget. My own bullet journal has a list of monthly expenses, along with a space for the amount and the date due. I check each item off and write the confirmation number once they’re paid, which helps me stay on top of our monthly bills.

Other people like to keep a full budget sheet that tracks everything they spend money on all month long…like an itemized check register (which I was always horrible at keeping up with).

However you choose to budget, this page is a great addition to your bullet journal.

Simple Bullet Journal Setup Idea - Budget

A vision board page

I think a vision board is a great addition to a bullet journal. I’ve always done them on poster board, but I feel like I’d see it a lot more in my bullet journal. Plus, since it’s not hanging where other people can see it, you can really go all out and dream big.

Books to read, movies to watch, & other lists

One of my favorite bullet journal page ideas is to keep a list of books to read, movies to watch, or anything else you want to keep track of.

My own bullet journal has a list of book titles, a list of essential oil blends I want to try, a list of blogs to keep up with, and a list of my favorite shows! Find the things you truly enjoy, and keep a list in your bullet journal to help you keep up with the hobby!

The home projects list

Another way you can use lists in your bullet journal is by keeping a list of home updates and projects you want to accomplish. I have one in my bullet journal with a list for the yard and a list for the house.

When I have a little extra money and time, I look at my list and see what we can get done within the budget.

Tip: I like to keep my list really specific. Instead of “renovate kitchen,” my list is broken down by task:

  • paint cabinets
  • shiplap walls
  • new counters
  • new sink

You get the idea. That way I can mark things off one at a time and stay on task and on budget.

Bullet Journal Project List

Meal planners or shopping lists

I used to meal plan all the time, and it really helped with our budget and cooking at home. I’m trying to get back into it, and I find that keeping our weekly menu and shopping list in my bullet journal keeps it all where I can find it!

Otherwise, we all know we turn to scrap paper, post it’s, and phone notes, which can easily get lost or misplaced before we’re done with them.

The habit tracker bullet journal page

We’ve all got habits we’re either trying to break or create. For me, I try to keep up with a daily yoga routine and drink more water. I’m also about to be going on a 30 day sugar and gluten detox, and I want a way to track that as well.

Creating habit trackers in your bullet journal is a great way to keep up with those habits and see how consistently you can do them.

The gift list page

I’m a big fan of personalized and handmade gifts, so the holidays take quite a bit of prep on my end.

As I start getting ready for the holidays, I like to create a gift list page in my bullet journal. It helps me keep up with my budget and make sure that everyone on my list is thought of.

The holiday organizer

Along with a gift list page, I also like to make bullet journal pages to organize holiday events.

I create one for our Thanksgiving plans, Christmas, Easter, and any other holiday we may host or need to do anything for.

The year at a glance

This is a great way to look at the big picture for the year. You can use it to track holidays, vacations, goals, and anything else you want to track for the year.

A food journal page

I’ve done a lot of food journals over the year. I’ve done them to help me lose weight, to stay accountable during my whole 30, and to help me figure out food allergies.

Since my bullet journal holds my “whole life,” it’s the home of my latest food journal to get me back on track in terms of nutrition.

A gratitude log

A gratitude habit is a really great habit to get into. They say that you can’t have negative emotions when you’re actively feeling gratitude, so a lot of people turn to gratitude logs to help them!

By leaving space for one line a day in your bullet journal, you can make this an easily achievable habit to master.

A user name and password tracker page

Anyone else feel like they have a million passwords to remember these days? Not to mention, they need to be at least 8-10 characters long, contain one capital letter, one number, and one special character. Plus, you don’t want to use the same password everywhere. You know. For extra cyber protection!

It’s a lot. Between bills, shopping accounts, social media, my blog (& associated accounts), homeschool apps, etc, it’s easy to forget a password.

The simplest solution is to just have a list somewhere in your bullet journal to keep up! Of course, I don’t recommend this if you’re the type to have your journal out a lot in public, but mine usually stays home or in my purse, so I feel like it’s pretty secure.

25+ Creative Bullet Journal Page Ideas to Inspire

A bullet journal page for positive affirmations

If you tell yourself something enough times, you’ll eventually start to believe it. That’s what makes positive affirmations so powerful!

I like to do daily affirmations every morning while I practice yoga and meditate, and I’m working with my kids on developing the practice as well.

If you want to start a page for inspiration, pick a few that resonate with you and write them down to look through when you need them.

A savings tracker page

This could go hand in hand with your overall budget page, but if you’ve got big savings goals, I recommend keeping them separate. Here, you can add your ultimate goal, and break it down by month. This page (or section) can include things like no-spend weeks, ideas on how to save, or ways to earn extra money.

A brain dump bullet journal page

We all know I’m a big fan of a brain dump. When there’s too much swirling around in my head, the best way to be able to focus is by writing it all down.

I often just do a brain dump on any paper I can find, but having the organized list in my bullet journal at the end helps me make sure I actually accomplish the things on the list.

A list of your favorite recipes

I don’t know about how it works in your house, but dinner time is often a struggle here. It’s easy to get in food ruts and eat the same things over and over, which leaves everyone bored, and we end up in the drive through because nothing sounds good.

Now, I keep a list of favorite recipes and dinner ideas in my bullet journal. This way, when I’m making our meal plan for the week, I can flip to that list and add something we haven’t had in awhile. It helps keep us out of a food rut while also making my meal planning faster and less of a headache.

The dream log

A lot of people like to write down and interpret their dreams, which makes this a great bullet journal page idea for so many people!

Your dreams are freshest right after you wake up, so keep your bullet journal by your bed and jot down everything you can remember when you wake up. Then, as you have time, you can work on finding patterns and interpreting what they may mean.

So cool!

A cleaning schedule

If you’re like me, you probably like to keep to some semblance of a cleaning schedule to stay on track. This is a great bullet journal page idea that can keep you organized and on task each week.

These Bullet Journal Page Ideas Will Keep You Inspired and Help You Use Your Journal to the Fullest

The beauty of a bullet journal is that it can be completely customized to your needs. Of course, that also makes it a struggle, because it can be hard to know where to start.

Hopefully, this list of bullet journal page ideas will help you stay inspired, so you can use yours to the fullest.

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