My CBD Experience: I Tried it for a Month, and Here’s What I Think

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Want to know if CBD is right for you? I tried Neurogan CBD products every day for a month, and today I’m sharing my full review.

I think it’s pretty safe to say that most of us have heard of CBD by now. It’s hard not to these days. You see it all over the internet, in health food stores, spas, doctor’s offices, and even driving down the road.

Of course, every time something blows up into a new “fad” it brings up a lot of questions.

Today, I am going to share my CBD experience with you, and I’ll do my best to answer all the questions I’ve been asked (and seen around the ‘net). My goal by the end of this review is to help you feel confident in your decision to try CBD for yourself! (or not).

Before we get started, though, I do want to clarify that I was given product in order to be able to give you a full review. The opinions and statements in this post are entirely my own, though! Just here to shop, and not interested in the full review? Click here and use the code NORDIC25 for 25% off your order.

What is CBD?

CBD (or cannabidiol) is a compound found in the flowers and leaves of cannabis plants. Unlike THC, CBD will not get you high. Instead, it’s known for its therapeutic qualities.

CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system to help keep you in a state of balance. I think this is so cool! It basically means that your CBD experience is naturally catered exactly to what your body needs.

If you want to read more about how this works, I thought Neurogan’s FAQ page was incredibly helpful at answering some of my questions.

Benefits of CBD

I have to admit, when I’ve heard other people talk about the benefits of CBD in the past, I’ve been a bit skeptical. There’s no way one thing can help with all of that! But, when I learned about how CBD interacts uniquely with each body based on what they need, I realized maybe it really is possible!

Do I think it’s a miracle drug like some people claim? No. You’d be hard pressed to convince me that anything is a miracle drug. But, I do think it’s incredibly helpful in a lot of areas.

Of course, like we discussed above, everyone will experience CBD in there own way. And, on top of that, research is still limited. But, here are some things we know CBD can do:

  • promote a sense of relaxation
  • support healthy joint mobility
  • promote a normal inflammatory response
  • encourage healthy sleep and wake patterns
  • supports serotonin transmission – which can promote better focus and mental well-being

My CBD Experience

Over the years, I’ve tried different CBD products off and on, but until recently, I’d never used a product consistently.

I experienced some results, but it never seemed to be what other people were experiencing. I’d heard all about how people taking it were less anxious, slept better, and even had less chronic pain. I had really hoped to see the same results, but the few times I’d tried it, I hadn’t.

And then, Neurogan reached out to me and asked me to give their product a try and let you all know what I think.

Of course, that meant I had to give it a real, honest try and really give the product a fair chance. I committed to taking their gummies every day for 30 days so I could give you a real review. Here’s how it went:

My Experience with Neurogan CBD

The first thing I noticed about my CBD experience was that it never gave me some huge, drastic improvement and following crash. You know how when you take medicine for a headache, you can feel the instant it kicks in, and know right away when it starts to wear off? Well, that didn’t happen.

In fact, at first I wasn’t sure I was seeing much of a difference at all in the beginning. But, after taking CBD for about a week, I realized that I had been calmer, slept better, and even had less chronic pain all week long. It had been such a natural shift towards wellness that I didn’t even notice that it had happened at first.

I still wasn’t totally convinced, though. I’ve dealt with anxiety, bouts of insomnia, and chronic pain for most of my adult life. And, if you’ve ever dealt with anything like that yourself, you know you can have good weeks and bad weeks. Could I just have been experiencing a good week?

And then, something happened to convince me that what I was taking was actually helping. One night, I forgot to take my gummy (if you follow me on Instagram you know I’m notoriously bad at remembering supplements). I had an awful night’s sleep, and woke up the next day feeling on edge, anxious, and just in general moodier than I had been in a couple of weeks. I racked my brain trying to think of what I’d done differently, and the moment it hit me, I realized that what I’d been doing really had been helping.

My Thoughts on CBD

Don’t get me wrong. The CBD gummies weren’t some magical cure that took away all of my problems. My experience wasn’t nearly that drastic. But, when taken consistently, I did notice that I was able to cope more easily with my day to day struggles.

Between getting better sleep, having fewer aches and pains, and feeling less anxious, I did start feeling a lot better!

So, overall, I’d say my CBD experience was a good one. I don’t think this is something I can reach for just on the days I need it, but, when taken consistently, I did feel better overall!

Will I continue taking CBD and experimenting with different products? I think overall, yes! I’d love to give their CBD oils a try in the near future, since that’s supposed to be the best way to take it.

About Neurogan CBD

CBD is the hot new product on the market these days, and it seems like everyone is jumping on board. Since the industry is pretty unregulated, it’s important to know who you’re buying from.

I wanted to learn a little bit more about Neurogan, so I could confidently tell you whether I’d buy this product again or not. Here’s what I learned:

Neurogan is a small, San Diego based CBD company with roots that come from Denmark. The owner, originally from Denmark, grew up watching his family enjoy the benefits of hemp. Now, he uses hemp grown naturally on a family farm in Denmark to create simple, wholesome, straightforward products. If you want to learn more, you can check out their story right here.

Want to try them yourself? Click here and use the code NORDIC25 for 25% off your order.

My CBD Experience: Final Thoughts

In the wellness industry, it seems like every year there’s something new we’ve got to try. It’s really easy to assume these are just fads, but sometimes, we stumble upon a hidden gem.

That’s what I initially thought of CBD. That it was just another expensive fad that companies were using to make money. Sure, I tried it here and there, but it wasn’t until recently that I gave it a real, honest shot to see if it was worth all the hype.

Do I think it’s a fad? Well..kinda. I think a lot of people are making claims without data to back it up, and that happens with anything when you open it up for the average person to earn commissions on.

But, I do think CBD as a whole is here to stay for a long time. (Let’s face it, it’s not really something new). My CBD experience over the last month has certainly been a positive one. Do I think it’s a magic cure for everything? No. But, I’ve had better sleep, less chronic pain and inflammation, and lower stress levels overall. And, given that I saw a spike in all of these symptoms when I stopped taking these gummies, I can certainly say without a doubt that they’ve helped tremendously.

Have you been thinking about giving CBD a try? What’s stopping you? If you want to save on your first order, click here and use the code NORDIC25 for 25% off your order!

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