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What I’m up to as we gear up for summer break.

Ya’ll. Somehow, I blinked, and it’s suddenly the end of the school year.  My daughter gets out of school  before lunch time today.

How is that even possible?! I swear, last time I looked at the calendar, we were approaching spring break.

This year, the last day is a bit more bittersweet than usual.  If you’ve kept up with the blog, you know that we’ve decided to homeschool next year. If all goes well, we’ll continue homeschooling. That means, this could potentially be our last day in the school district. And, as excited as I am about this new adventure, we’ve loved our school district.

It’s why we bought the house we bought, and why my husband has the job he does.  So, leaving has created a lot of complicated emotions.

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Anyway, I’ll share more about our homeschool transition in another post. For today, I wanted to share some of what I’m reading, thinking, doing, and loving lately.

I love reading these from other bloggers, because I always find new things to check out. I’m trying to get better about sharing more of my own! Currently, I’m:



I’m currently reading The Compound Effect, by Darren Hardy.  I started this book excited and ready to implement a lot of it.  And, I’ve loved the book, but I’m struggling to finish it.  I don’t know if it’s because of how much is currently on my plate or what. Maybe I just need a break from personal development for awhile. I’ve found myself in a personal development rut, and haven’t read anything for fun in ages.

I do like the book, and love the advice he gives about being more intentional with your habits. I’m trying to work on that even as I read the book.  His whole idea is that it isn’t one big grand gesture that helps you reach your goals in life. Instead, it’s millions of tiny tasks that don’t seem to add up to anything.

I definitely want to finish it, but I’m thinking with all of our upcoming vacations, I’m going to pick up something fun and easy to read to give myself a break. I’ll come back to it once things slow down later this summer, because I think it’ll be a huge help for me!


Honestly, not much new stuff! Since I quit knitting and started focusing on my blog full time, I have a lot less TV watching time in the evenings.  I do still try to keep up with Grey’s Anatomy, and I’m working on catching back up with This is Us.  But, otherwise I’ve just been binge-watching reruns of The Office while I work in the evenings! By the time I’m done with everything for the night, I’m just way too tired to focus on anything new, and The Office always helps me unwind and get a few laughs in before bed.


I’m still sticking with the THM meal plan!  I’m loving it, too! I committed to doing the plan 100% on April 1st (I’ve been on plan, but “relaxing” on the weekends since January) and I’m currently down 8 pounds! Since I’ve been struggling with my weight for over a year now, this is huge.  It hasn’t even been hard, either, now that I’ve set my mind in the right place and found some on-plan treats I love.

I’ve been really addicted to these sweet potato and black bean tacos lately. They’re such a different take on our usual taco night, and it’s been fun to mix things up a bit! I also recently stumbled upon this recipe for chocolate cupcakes on Pinterest and they totally rocked my world. Not going to lie.  These definitely make staying on plan a little easier. (Not going to lie. I thought I lost this recipe while looking for the link to share, and legitimately almost started crying. This recipe is that good). As far as store-bought treats, I recently found these grain-free clusters in the grocery store on a day I felt really weak and wanted to give in.  I’m so glad I did, because I’ve really enjoyed them as a rare treat!


So many things, honestly.  1) Andy Grammar, The Good Parts.  Whoa.  I heard an exclusive live version of this on XM Radio a few weeks ago and had to keep replaying it.  It’s definitely a new favorite! 2) My distressed jeggings from Atomic Wildflower (See image below).  Okay, okay.  Actually, every single piece I own from AW.  This is a friend of mine’s new online boutique, and I can’t get enough.  I wish I could afford to buy every single piece on the site. 3) Cutting out all wine during the week.  I’m sleeping so much better, it’s helping my weight loss efforts, and even my complexion looks better.  This must be what it feels like to be approaching my mid-30’s. 4) Practicing yoga every day.  Not only am I totally hooked on the Yoga with Adrienne channel on YouTube, but I also just joined an exclusive program called MBYogaToGo that has weekly videos, articles, and new techniques to help advance your yoga practice. I’ve learned so much already! You can check out the program here, and if you decide to join us, let Melody know you came from my blog. It’ll get you a little discount!


Looking forward to

Is it cliche to say “summer?” Because, I’m totally looking forward to the summer. No, I don’t like cold weather.  I wouldn’t have moved back to Texas if I hated the heat.  Plus, we have so many vacations and fun activities lined up this summer, from lake trips and camping, to the Young Living annual convention in Utah, to a trip to California to visit family (and hang out on the lake again).

We’re also going to start incorporating some of the Charlotte Mason practices into our summer to get us ready for our new homeschooling adventure! I’m excited to start doing weekly poetry tea times and nature walks with the girls.  We used to do stuff like that all the time and really got out of the habit as Addie entered public school.


I’m still blogging as much as I can.  The good thing about it is that I can slow down as my schedule requires, and I don’t get hit too hard. Lately, I’ve slowed down to about one post a week, and while I have enough content in my head for more frequent posting, I just don’t have the time to get it all written out.  When I rush, I make some really big mistakes. And when I do that, I get a million emails pointing out typos and gramatical errors.  Trust me. It’s just better for everyone’s sanity that I slow down a little while life is so hectic.

I do have a lot of fun content up my sleeves, though, from DIY recipes, to our reasons to pursue homeschooling, and possibly even a post on how I built my blog. I typically steer clear of the “how to blog” stuff (I’m definitely not an expert), but I’ve had so many people approach me lately that I’m thinking it might be helpful to share what I did.

Hopefully, I can get more content up on the blog this summer, as things slow down, but I’ll definitely keep up with at least one post a week, so keep checking back.


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