December 2016 Blog Traffic Report

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Whew!  I don’t know about you, but I’m really glad the holidays are over!  Don’t get me wrong, I do love the entire festive season, but something about January always makes me breathe a huge sigh of relief.  It’s a new month, a new year, and I’m full of new goals.  It also gives me time to sit back and reflect!  December is always a whirlwind month, and this one was no different.  It was my first December on the blog, so that added a whole new level of good stress to my life.

Since I finally had a chance to look back and review the month on my blog, I had some exciting revelations.  I made some great connections and had a lot of great conversations with readers.  I also tripled my blog traffic in the last month.  Yes.  I did that.  And, I’m still in shock.

Today, I want to tell you how I tripled my blog traffic.

I know, I know.  I don’t really blog about blogging, so to some people, this may not make much sense. However, since I am in the midst of transferring a completely different business type over to a blog format I know that these tips are helpful for any website.

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Blog Traffic for December 2016

Let’s get right down to the numbers, and then I’ll tell you more about how I got there, shall we?

December Blog Traffic Report - How I Tripled My Traffic

Now, I don’t have huge numbers.  I know this.  December was my fourth month blogging, and my first month putting real effort into marketing.  I know it’ll only get better from here!

Take a look at the difference one month made:

Blog Traffic Report - How I tripled my page views in one month!

As you can see, December took a huge jump.  The results were almost overnight, too!  You might also notice that I’m writing this on January 3rd, and my January traffic is already rivaling my October traffic.  Yes.  In three days my traffic for January rivals the entire month of October.

Monthly page views for:

  • October: 442
  • November: 709
  • December: 2,098!!

Like I said.  Tripled. Now, onto the “how…”

How I Tripled My Blog Traffic

This post may contain affiliate links.  That means that if you click on a link from this post and make a purchase, I will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.  Please know that no amount of money could ever make me recommend something I don’t truly love and believe

I spent most of my first three months really focusing on my content more than blog growth. I wanted to be sure that I was delivering quality content to help my readers.  December was my first month of solid blog growth strategies, and I was absolutely blown out of the water by the results.

I want to share my strategies with you!

I did a lot of work to get my blog traffic up, and if I am about anything, it is helping others do the same.  If you’d like to grow your blog or business traffic this month, read on, because I’m sharing it all!

1. Create Quality, Unique Content

This goes without saying, but I think a lot of people forget this when they sit down to write.  It is a huge goal of mine to make sure that my articles are informative and helpful. I want my readers to leave my blog feeling like they’ve learned something. Not only does this create committed readers, it also makes your content more shareable!  Think about what you share on social media.  Doesn’t it usually help you in some way?

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2. Have a Marketing Plan

I think the biggest thing I’ve done for my blog marketing this month has been to create a plan.  No more sharing random content whenever I feel like it, or forgetting to post for weeks at a time.  Staying consistent on my blog, social media, and Pinterest has been a big help in getting people to come back for more.

In an effort to save time, I also started scheduling a lot of my social media activities.  I sit down one day a week and line up everything I want to share.  This includes:

  • my own blog posts
  • questions and photos on Facebook and Instagram
  • content from other bloggers and businesses I think my readers will enjoy
  • and the occasional meme (because why not??)

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To schedule everything out, I use a variety of apps*.  On Facebook, I use their built-in scheduler, since they seem to like that the most.  For Instagram and Twitter, I like to use Buffer and to schedule new pins on Pinterest, I’ve got my schedule built out on Board Booster. These are all great tools for different tasks, but they save me so much time!

*A note on scheduling apps:  These are great tools to use to help you save time and avoid distractions.  However, it’s also important to be present on all of the social media accounts you use.  Be sure that you aren’t only interacting through your scheduling app, but that you are also getting on and talking to your customers or readers regularly.

3. Get Help From the Pros

I think the best thing I’ve done for my business this month was to invest in some high-quality courses to get it off the ground.  I’ve always been one to trudge along and just try to figure it out for myself, but that changed in October.  I stumbled onto a really great deal for a set of blogging courses that was just too good to pass up! Purchasing these courses has been the turning point for me to build up my traffic.

I cannot recommend these two courses enough.

My absolute favorite for all-around business growth has been Building a Framework.  Abby, from Just a Girl and Her Blog, really thought of everything when putting this course together.  She walks you through everything! From setting up your blog to creating quality content, to marketing, and even to monetization, this course has you covered.  Her traffic and income reports were enough to convince me to give her course a try and really implement her strategies on my own blog.  As you can see, the results have been amazing!

Building a Framework

Another really great course that has made a huge difference in my marketing strategy has been the List Building Jumpstart. Email marketing appears to be key these days.  Social media is always changing, but your email list is all yours.

Only you can control the content that your email list sees. So, if you want to reach your customer base, an email list is a must! Laura, from iHeartPlanners has managed to grow her email list to over 60,000 subscribers! Her detailed course breaks down step by step what you need to do to see your own growth.  Using her advice, I met my 3-month subscriber goal a month early, and keep blowing my goals out of the water.

Want on my list? Sign up here for access to my FREE library of printables!

If you’ve been looking for a course to invest in this year, I really can’t recommend these enough! The numbers don’t lie.  These courses work.


Investing in your business is absolutely vital.  Whether you are investing time, money, or both, be sure to give it what it deserves.  By staying consistent in your efforts and giving yourself time to learn, you will see a difference. If you’re looking for some direction in how to grow your business, online courses are a really great way to develop that plan.

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Blog Traffic Report - How I Tripled My Traffic in One Month!

Have you invested in your business lately? What did you find most worthwhile? What is your biggest struggle with business growth? Let me know in the comments below or find me on Facebook so we can chat!


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8 responses to “December 2016 Blog Traffic Report

  1. This is great advice! My page views, no joke, quadrupled in December and I still am not quite sure how, lol. I’ve been going through Pinterest and trying to read more into my Google Analytics to see what I did right!

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here

  2. Great post! I am still new to blogging and trying to learn how to attract visitors to my page. I will be checking out the Building a Framework course for sure!

    • Thirty-Something Angie

      Hey Amanda! Welcome to blogging! I’m fairly new, too (started in September). The course is really fantastic, and there are pricing tiers so you can get what you can afford (I think the smallest is $25 or so). It’s made such a huge difference for me. I’m sure it will for you, too!

  3. Have you ever used Hootsuite? What are your thoughts? I use it for some clients but I’m getting frustrated with some of the error messages and curious if it is hurting our engagement. Would love your thoughts. Also, any automation tools you have found that work for LinkedIn? Thanks so much!

    • Thirty-Something Angie

      Hey Julie! I haven’t used Hootesuite, because Buffer has worked fine so far! I do know that Facebook will penalize you for using any outside scheduler. It’s much better to schedule right from your Facebook page! I have no experience at all with LinedIn, sorry!

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