20 Things to Declutter in 20 Minutes or Less

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Need to declutter but don't have much time? Use this list to help you declutter your home, 20 minutes at a time!

Need to declutter but don’t have much time? Join the crowd! 

Are you feeling overwhelmed by clutter? I used to be the same. There were piles and drawers full everywhere, but I never had the time to really tackle them. So, they sat for months while I stressed about what to do. Finally, I decided to just take 20 minutes here and there and do what I could. A small amount of decluttering was better than none at all, right?

As busy moms and women, we need to find ways to make a big impact in as little time as possible. That’s why I put together this list of 20 areas you can declutter in 20 minutes or less.

20 Things to Declutter Without Feeling Overwhelmed

Use this list to get a jump start on all of your cleaning so you can start to take steps towards a clutter free home in your spare time.

  • Junk drawer: Clear out your junk drawer and either find homes for everything, or throw it away.
  • Refridgerator: Toss left-overs, expired produce, and condiments that have been in the door since you moved in.
  • Medicine cabinet: Go through that cabinet and toss anything that’s gone bad or that you never use!
  • Linen Closet: Donate sheets that don’t match, blankets you never use, and consider adding baskets for organizing.
  • T-shirt Drawer: Now is a great time to donate any other that never see the light of day!
  • Cleaning Cabinet: If you’ve got a cabinet full of cleaners that all do one job, consider consolidating them into multi-use cleaners! You can see my must-haves right here (and they all fit in one cleaning bucket!)
  • Pantry: Clean out stale products, old dry goods, and condiments that have gone bad.
  • Nightstand: Clean out your nightstand drawers, put away all your books, and give the surface a good dusting.
  • Old Makeup: A lot of people don’t realize that makeup also expires, and so we hold onto it for years.
  • Freezer: Make a plan to work through the food you have frozen to help save on groceries.
  • Toy Box: New research shows that fewer toys is actually better for their development anyway, so go ahead and donate those toys and let your kids use their imaginations!
Minimalism is all the rage these days. Everywhere you look, people are decluttering their homes of things that don't bring joy. As a "been-there-done-that" minimalist, here are some things I learned on my own journey.

Don’t worry, there’s more you can declutter!

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  • Trunk of Your Car: Take a few minutes and clear out all of the random stuff you keep tossing in the trunk of your car (or back of your SUV).
  • Old Clothes: Box up those clothes that don’t fit and bring them to a local consignment shop! Don’t need new clothes? Consider donating to a women’s shelter instead.
  • Old Shoes: Same deal as your clothes.
  • Craft Supplies: Try bundling them to resell on Facebook Marketplace, or donate them to a senior center.
  • Coat Closet: Clear out anything that never gets worn or have been outgrown.
  • Sock Drawer: Toss all of the holey socks or the socks that no longer have matches. Or, better yet, grab one of these cute sock puppet project books and let your kids go to town being creative!
  • Desk Drawers: Clear out dried up pens, empty tape rolls, old receipts, and anything else that’s keeping your work space cluttered.
  • Plastic Containers: Clear out the containers without lids to clear room for items you can actually use!
  • Kitchen Gadgets: Take a few minutes to go through and clear out everything you don’t use.
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Don’t Give Up on a Clutter Free Home

Just because your short on time doesn’t mean you can’t get any cleaning done. Use thise list of ideas to help you declutter small areas in your home when you’re short on time! Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying a clutter free home without the stress.

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