DIY Hand Sanitizer Recipe

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how to make hand sanitizer at home

We all know soap and hot water is the best defense against germs, but sometimes it’s not feasible. This DIY hand sanitizer recipe is a great on-the-go alternative for when you’re out and about.

It’s no secret that the bests way to keep your hands clean and kill germs is with soap and hot water. Even more effective than using hand sanitizer! Still, there are times when soap and hot water isn’t available, and at those times, keeping a bottle of hand sanitizer in your purse is a great option.

This DIY hand sanitizer recipe uses simple, but effective ingredients, a careful essential oil dilution, and some aloe to keep your hands from drying out. Give it a try yourself!

DIY Hand Sanitizer with Citrus and Mint

DIY hand sanitizer

I’m not a fan of the over-use of conventional hand sanitizers. Not only are they less effective at killing germs, they usually contain harsh ingredients that aren’t good to be slathering on our skin.

But, there are times when having something for on-the-go cleaning can be really helpful. At stores during cold and flu season, when you use a public restroom and then realize they’re out of soap (gross), or at the park before a picnic lunch…all great examples of when you’d want to sanitize your hands.

So, instead of reaching for the harsh, store bought options, try this homemade recipe instead! The alcohol kills germs while the aloe soothes your skin and keeps it conditioned. It’s really quick to make, and uses ingredients most of us have in our homes already. Check out the video and then get the full recipe below!


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  • 1/3 cup 91% isopropryl alcohol or ever clear
  • 1/8 cup aloe vera gel (if you don’t want to make your own, this stuff is great!)
  • 12 drops each of peppermint, orange sweet, and lemon essential oils (I buy mine here)
  • Leak proof travel shampoo bottle with lid (like these)


If you’re making your own aloe vera gel, follow these steps:

  1. cut large aloe leaf at the base of a plant
  2. cut leaf into sections to make it easier to manage.
  3. peel off the thick skin on one side of the leaf using a pairing knife
  4. scrape inner “gel” into a blender
  5. blend until smooth

Once that’s done, simply measure each ingredient and mix well. I had the best luck putting my mixture back in the blender to get a good consistency.

Pour into your travel containers to bring with you on-the-go!

To use: put a dime sized amount into the palm of your hand and rub in thoroughly.

A simple hand sanitizer to make at home

This recipe for a DIY hand sanitizer is simple, fast, and effective for a quick cleaning. Of course, don’t stop using your good old fashioned soap and hot water, but with this quick DIY, you’ll have a great option for those times when soap just isn’t available.

how to make hand sanitizer for on-the-go cleaning

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    • Hi Gabriela! The high alcohol content in this should keep it germ free and safe for use for a few weeks or a month – plenty of time to use up the single recipe! If you’re planning to make a lot to use over time, I’d refrigerate the extra until it’s needed. Hope that helps!

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