DIY Sweet Dreams Spray for Kids

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How easy is this sweet dreams spray? It's just 3 ingredients! Even those of you that don't like DIYs could get this one done in just a few minutes.

Does your kid struggle to sleep because of bad dreams? Try this DIY sweet dreams spray using essential oils.

I don’t mean to brag, but my oldest daughter was probably the best sleeper in the world.  In fact, I think I probably did brag about that a few times.  Because I was awesome, obviously.

Then, my youngest came along. And, she hated sleep from day one.

She’s four, now, and still has a hard time falling asleep most nights.  We do the normal song and dance. Soothing epsom salt bath with lavender. A nice long story snuggled under blankets.  Then finally, a song (or 10) before bed. She was still up and down for a solid hour before falling asleep, and something had to give!

A few months ago, she told me she was scared to fall asleep, because she thought she’d have bad dreams.  Well, that I can help with. We quickly whipped up a sweet dreams spray together using my essential oils, and sprayed it all over her bed, banishing every monster and bad dream from her room.

This spray changed our entire night time routine!

Disclaimer: It doesn’t actually guarantee sweet dreams, but it does help her relax enough to fall asleep without worrying!

This spray has become part of our night time ritual. We read a story, sing our song, and then spray down the bed and all of the stuffed animals before she falls asleep.  It’s magic.

I chose the specific oils I used for their ability to help calm the mind and settle the nervous energy, but I’ll give a few different options for you to try!

DIY Sweet Dreams Spray

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Some other oil options you could use would be:

  • peace & calming + lavender
  • lavender + cedarwood + chamomile
  • frankincence + lavender
  • lavender + cedarwood + vetiver (if you choose this, put less vetiver than the others)


Use a funnel to add your witch hazel and water, and then add your oils by dropping them directly into the bottle. Put the lid on and gently swirl to mix.

Spray this on your pillow, comforter, and anywhere else you feel necessary before bed.  My daughter likes me to spray her head board, stuffed animals, and blankets before bed every night.

Tip: before each use, be sure to give the bottle a little swirl to mix the oils back in. They tend to float to the top!

A couple of tips on using oils:

When choosing what essential oils to use on yourself and your family, please keep quality in mind.  Not all essential oils are created equally, and the laws regulating them in the US leave something to be desired.

For years, I supported Young Living as a company, and still think they have some great products. Still, I got tired of the unsafe advice and the overpriced products, so I searched until I discovered Plant Therapy. They’re an amazing quality and a company who’s true mission is to educate and share essential oils. And while I don’t think that price should be the only factor, if I can find the same quality for much less, I won’t complain! If you’re looking for a trustworthy brand, check them out and see for yourself!

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Not sure you want to use oils around your kids? I totally get it! I was the same way at first.  My favorite book for explaining essential oil safety in regards to pregnancy, babies, and kids is Gentle Babies. If you want to start using oils and have young kids in the house, I highly recommend you grab yourself a copy!

How easy is this sweet dreams spray? All you need is oils, witch hazel, and water! Even those of you that don’t like DIYs could get this one done in just a few minutes. If you do, let me know which blend you decided to use!



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