Eco Friendly Easter Basket Ideas

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how to create an eco friendly easter basket

Easter is just around the corner! Looking for a way to celebrate without all the plastic? Check out these tips for an eco-friendly Easter.

Growing up, Easter was always one of my favorite holidays. I love spring, and bunnies, and Reese’s eggs, so what’s not to love, right?

Every year, we’d wake up to a basket full of plastic Easter grass, plastic eggs, and a ton of candy. It was the best.

Honestly, looking back, our Easters weren’t really wasteful. We re-used the same baskets, grass, and plastic eggs year after year. But, as I walk through the aisles at pretty much every store seeing aisles of disposable baskets, toys that break after a single use, and tons of plastic wrapped candy, I see how it can easily become an extremely wasteful holiday.

It’s not something I ever thought of until I started worrying about our environmental impact. Now, of course, all I see is single use plastic, toys that will be forgotten and thrown away within weeks, and lots of waste.

If you’re like me and also want to make an effort to create a more eco-friendly Easter, check out the ideas below. Your kids will still be in Easter heaven, and you’ll all feel a little better about your environmental impact.

Eco-Friendly Easter Basket Ideas

Check out these ideas to make this year’s Easter basket a little more eco-friendly and a little less wasteful. As always, this post does contain affiliate links. This means I could earn a small commission based on purchases you make through this post. See my full disclosure here.

Easter Baskets

Growing up, we always used the same basket year after year. It’s a tradition I brought into my kids’ lives as well, well before we started worrying about our environmental impact. It’s just so fun to pull out the basket and reminisce over Easters past, and I know their baskets (well…buckets) will be cherished for years.

If you don’t have the storage for seasonal items, consider finding a basket that works double duty. Use it around the house throughout the year to hold library books or produce, and then empty it for Easter morning.

Another great idea is to look at the thrift stores and pick out a favorite. I always see huge displays of baskets every year, and it’s a great way to give new life to something that otherwise could have been garbage.

Easter Grass Alternatives

Personally, I feel like one of the biggest culprits of waste on Easter is the loads of plastic Easter grass. Even if you want to re-use it, some is bound to get scattered around the house or yard throughout the festivities. It’s basically glitter. I swear I’ve pulled those strips of plastic out of my vacuum in June. Does it multiply??

Luckily, there are some really cute, really affordable options you can use instead.

One of our favorites is to buy a new playsilk from Sarah’s Silks. They’re so pretty and vibrant, and get used all year in imaginative play.

More budget friendly options I love are to use either shredded paper (which can be composted later, or saved for next year) or, again, hit up the thrift store and look for your own silk scarves and hankies to add to the basket! Each option gives you a great Easter basket stuffing without all the trash.

Easter Basket Gift Ideas

Of course, what Easter basket is complete without a small gift or two, right? Even growing up, our modest baskets always had a stuffed animal or toy to enjoy.

But now, companies have started marketing this as a gift-giving holiday, prompting parents everywhere to load their Easter baskets full of cheaply made plastic toys, trinkets, and candies wrapped in plastic. So much of it ends up in the garbage, either right away or within a few weeks as it breaks.

Part of being more eco-friendly is being mindful of quality over quantity, and that’s exactly what we try to do for these holidays. Check out some of these amazing, budget friendly Easter gifts you can give that won’t end up in the trash or forgotten under the bed.

Easter Basket Fillers:

crochet easter bunnies
  • Organic Stuffed Easter Bunny: I always loved getting a stuffed bunny on Easter. That tradition has definitely carried over to my kids. This organic version of the old favorite is so cute.
  • Kids Garden Starter Kit: This is a great gift for spring! It’s the perfect time to start a garden, and this starter kit is a great way to get your kids involved. You and your kids can plant organic cherry tomatoes, broccoli, zucchini, carrots, and onions together in biodegradable peat pots. It even comes with a gardening guide to get you started (and extra seeds in case you need to try again).
  • Bulk candy: This is a great place to go stock up on candy for your Easter baskets. Of course, if you’re participating in a community event and need wrapped candies, look for options wrapped in foil, because those are recyclable.
  • Bamboo Toothbrushes: These toothbrushes come in bright colors, which makes them the perfect addition to an Easter basket. And, when they’re done with it, it’s biodegradable.
  • Colored Pencils and Coloring Book
  • Bath salts or bath bombs: Check out my tutorial on how to DIY these yourself here!
  • Re-usable water bottles: Add one of these to your kids basket to help eliminate all those plastic water bottles!
  • Jello Eggs: Of course, homemade is always a big hit, and jello eggs are so much fun!
  • A hand-crocheted bunny: If you’re crafty and already know how to crochet, I put out this free crochet bunny peep pattern years ago. Don’t know how to make your own? There are loads of adorable options on Etsy!
  • Cut flowers or small potted flowering plants: this is an especially great gift for older kids!
  • Homemade Play-doh: find my recipe here!

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Eco Friendly Easter Egg Ideas

  • Wooden Easter Eggs: These wooden Easter eggs are adorable and can be used in so many ways. Use them to create your own custom Easter eggs for a hunt, or as decorations around the house.
  • Eco-Eggs Coloring Kit: Most dye kits I’ve seen are loaded with plastic, and let’s not even get into how bad all the food dyes are. These natural egg dyes are a great alternative!
  • Confetti Easter Eggs: We buy these every year for the kids, and they’re always so much fun! They’re made from real egg shells and paper confetti, so the mess is biodegradable, and nothing has to end up in the trash.
  • Re-use Plastic Eggs: Of course, the most obvious low-waste solution here is to re-use all the plastic Easter eggs you’ve accumulated over the years! It’s easy to get caught up in buying new, low waste options, but unless what you’ve already got is broken, keep using it. That’s the ultimate eco-friendly option, and we’ve got eggs that have lasted years.

Eco-Friendly Easter Options for Everyone

Easter is just around the corner! It’s such a fun time to celebrate re-birth, renewal, and fresh life. With a little planning and some intentional purchases, you can easily build an eco-friendly Easter basket that your kids will love. These ideas can help!

how to make your easter eco-friendly: creative gifts and decoration ideas

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