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eco friendly living on a budget with mightiest

Looking for an easy, budget friendly way to transition to a greener lifestyle? I’ve found a great eco friendly company to share with you!

This year, my family and I made a commitment to living a more sustainable lifestyle. In some ways, that means reducing waste and watching our carbon footprint. In others, it means changing the way we buy and making smarter choices.

Of course, this change doesn’t happen over night. It takes baby steps.

Not only because there’s so much to learn, but also, because it gets expensive. I needed a simpler and more affordable way.

I recently stumbled upon a company called MightyNest.

Have you heard of them, yet?

Honestly, I probably wouldn’t have if they hadn’t shown up in my targeted ads on Facebook, because no one seems to be talking about them and I’m shocked!

That’s why I’m going to share what I’ve learned so far. I truly think more people should be taking advantage of this. I signed up 2 months ago and want to share it with everyone!

What is MightyNest?

This post contains affiliate links, which means I could make a small commission based on your purchases. To learn more, see my full disclosure here.

MightyNest is a company dedicated to selling eco friendly products and making the transition to a more natural lifestyle more affordable and less overwhelming.

By becoming a member, you get exclusive pricing to some pretty cool green products, and get to try new things every month through their subscription!

When you sign up for MightyNest, you get a package (called a “MightyFix”) sent to your doorstep every month. Your fix contains one new eco friendly product each month. This is probably my favorite feature, because I tend to overthing purchases, get overwhelmed, and just not buy anything. (or buy way too much).

Learn More About the MightyFix One Simple Change Each Month

How to Shop Eco Friendly Products with MightyNest

There are a few ways to shop with MightyNest. Not only do you get your monthly MightyFix sent right to your doorstep, but they also have a shop full of eco friendly and green products you can try at a discount.

First, you get your MightyFix every month in the mail, which only costs $11. That fix contains one eco friendly product (worth more than the $11) and ships for free. You can choose for your fix to be a surprise, or you can browse their shop and pick something to be your next “fix.”

My first month, I let them surprise me, and I got these really cool Swedish dishcloths that I never even knew existed. They’re a great replacement for sponges, and can be washed in the washing machine or even put in your dishwasher! Plus, when you’ve gotten all you can out of them (I think on average they last about 6 months from my reading) they’re compostable, so they can stay out of the landfills! Plus, I only paid $3 for that fix, so it was a really amazing deal for me. (Keep reading and I’ve got a similar deal for you at the bottom of this post).

This month, I decided to pick my fix, so I chose to get beeswax wraps! I’ve wanted to try them for awhile, so it was really convenient to pick them as part of my Fix.

In addition, you can also shop their store if you want to invest more into your greener lifestyle. You can do that any time you want.

Check out my latest MightyNest Unboxing!

The store has exclusive member pricing on things like:

  • plant based cleaners
  • reusable food storage options
  • safe skincare
  • essential oils & accessories to replace air fresheners
  • safe food prep options

But the best part is, if you opt to have it ship with your box, it gets added to your fix and still ships free!

This month, I added a face wash from Acure to my fix, because it’s a green brand I’ve been wanting to try for awhile, and I was able to get it at a great price. Score!

Eco Friendly Living on a Budget

I was so excited to learn about MightyNest. Like I mentioned before, we made a commitment this year to buy more sustainable products, but I won’t lie. It’s a process.

The MightyFix is really removing some of the stress from me. Instead of making a bunch of big purchases, I just spend $11 every month and have something new sent right to my door.

Want to give the MightyFix a try for yourself? Right now they’re running a promo so that you can try it out for only $3 and get a set of 3 dryer balls as your first Fix. Use the code DRYERBALL3 to get the deal!

Would I Recommend MightyNest?

After a couple of months as a member, I really think it’s worth the cost for the subscription. $11 is such a modest amount of money, and fits really well within our budget.

It’s allowed me to try out some things I’ve wanted for awhile, and some things I’ve never even heard of, for a really great price.

As for the shop, it’s full of some really cool products. Many of which have been on my “to try” list for awhile now. I’ve only added one additional item to my Fix so far (the Acure face wash), but I love that I can get it shipped to me for free. It’s probably not something I’ll do every month, but I think it’s a neat way to try out more items when the budget allows for it.

Are you looking for a way to make your home greener on a budget? This box has made my journey so much easier, and I hope it helps yours, too.

Give MightyNest a try this month and start working towards a more eco friendly home on a budget! Use code DRYERBALL3 to get a set of 3 dryer balls for your first fix, for only $3!

Or, if you’d rather, you can get a set of beeswax wraps as your first fix. Just use the code BEESFIX3.

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