Fall Scented Foaming Handsoap

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It's almost fall, ya'll! The first day of fall is officially next week, and with it comes pumpkin spice everything. Including hand soap, right? #diyhandsoap #foaminghandsoap

It’s almost fall, ya’ll! The first day of fall is officially next week, and with it comes pumpkin spice everything. Including hand soap, right?

You know how Bath and Body Works comes out with their new fall scents every year? I used to stock up on every single one. Because, hello, they smelled amazing, and I was addicted.

Then, I learned all about the dangers of artificial fragrance, SLS, and many other ingredients used in conventional scented soaps. Artificial fragrance is considered the new second-hand smoke. To me, it wasn’t worth having a soap that smelled good.

Luckily, making your own foaming hand soap at home is really easy! I make it all year long, but with it being time for fall scents, I’ve been experimenting with new combinations!

Want to make your own? Check out the recipe below.

Here’s what you need:


If you’re looking for the most budget friendly project, I know a lot of people use these bottles with great results. I just love the look of the mason jars.


Add the vegetable glycerin, castille soap, almond oil, and essential oils to your mason jar.  Then, add your water until it’s about 1″ from the top of the jar.  I use boiled and cooled tap water, but if you want to use distilled, you can do that, too.  It’ll be about 1 1/2 cups, but you might have a little left over. Once your jar is full, put the lid on and give it a little shake to get all of the ingredients mixed.

That’s it! Wasn’t that easy? You now have completely non-toxic handsoap that still cleans and smells like all of your favorite things about fall, thanks to your essential oils!

My favorite fall essential oil combinations:

  • Mulled Cider: Use equal parts Thieves and Bergamot essential oils
  • Cider & Donuts: 6 drops Stress Away, 3 drops Orange, and 3 drops Cinnamon essential oils
  • Fall Spice: 6 Christmas Spirit, 6 Orange essential oils
  • Orchard Stroll: 6 Bergamot, 3 Orange, 3 Cedarwood essential oils.

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