Healthy Living Blogs I Follow (& You Should Too!)

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Healthy Living Blogs I Follow - And You Should Too

It’s 2020, and we’re thinking about our health more than ever! Today, I want to share the healthy living blogs I follow for advice, inspiration, recipes, and more.

Part of the reason I started The Angie Cruise Blog is because of how much I personally love reading blogs. It’s been my source of inspiration, entertainment, and advice for most of my adult life.

Naturally, starting my own blog was a way to blend two of my passions: blogs, and talking about healthy living!

I don’t read as many blogs as I used to, and certainly don’t read them religiously like I did in those early years, but I still love blogs.

And, since a big part of living a healthy lifestyle is to surround yourself with others who inspire you, today I want to share those who have inspired me. Over the years, I’ve surrounded myself with some pretty amazing content creators in the health and wellness fields, and being able to look to them when I need help has been invaluable.

With that said, here are some of my favorite healthy living blogs to follow in 2020!

Healthy Living Blogs to Follow

So often, when I try to look up healthy living tips online, the results come back entirely based on diets and weight loss. I don’t know about you, but to me, that’s not all there is to healthy living.

Being healthy is a lifestyle. What we eat matters, sure. But so does what we breathe, how we move, what we put on our bodies, and even what we think.

These are some of my favorite blogs about healthy, clean living as a whole. Because we need to focus on more than just the food we eat.

Wellness Mama

Katie is one of the first bloggers I started following when I decided to start living healthier all those years ago. Her blog is so well researched, backed by experts, and covers a wide range of health topics. On her blog, you can find topics like real food recipes, DIY beauty instructions, green cleaning, natural health tips, and so much more.

Some of my favorite Wellness Mama Posts are:

The Pistachio Project

I’ve been following Brittany on Instagram for over a year now, and she’s such an inspiration! Her blog is full of advice about natural parenting, whole food recipes, green beauty, and natural health.

Some of my favorite blog posts from The Pistachio Project are:

Root and Revel

Kate’s blog is a real, living testament to how this natural, healthy lifestyle can totally transform your health. She shares how she healed her body from the inside out, and gives tips and advice on how you can, too! Beyond that, you can find posts about green living, natural parenting, and holistic wellness with a total lifestyle approach.

Check out some of my favorite Root and Revel blog posts here:

Live Simply

I actually found Kristin through her podcast, which I’ve shared a few times on Instagram and in my newsletter. From there, I found her blog, and have been a fan ever since! Kristin’s blog and podcast are all about simplifying this real food and natural living lifestyle. I’ve learned so much from listening to her podcasts and reading her posts, and hopefully you will too!

Here are some of my favorite Live Simply blog posts:

Gurl Gone Green

I started following Suzi for her green beauty recommendations. She’s a licensed esthetician, and organic hair stylist who became obsessed with what she put on her body much the same way I did. On her blog, you can find inspiration and advice on green living, natural beauty products, and clean eating recipes, and so much more!

Here are some of my favorite blog posts from Gurl Gone Green:


I’ve been following Mommypotamus for a long time. Heather, the author, is another blogger who deep dives into various health topics, consulting with experts along the way, and delivers evidence based natural remedies and DIY personal care products.

Some of my favorite blog posts from Mommypotamus:

Clean Eating & Healthy Food Blogs to Follow

Of course, food is a big part of living a healthy lifestyle, and sometimes that means finding new recipes to get you out of a food rut. These are some of my favorite blogs to check out for new recipes and ideas in the kitchen!

The Natural Nurturer

If you’re looking for real food recipes and inspiration, I can’t recommend this blog enough! Taesha, the author, focuses on simple, real foods, family-friendly recipes, and ways to add veggies to everything!

Some of my favorite recipes & posts from The Natural Nurturer:

Joy Filled Eats

I found Joy Filled Eats through my Trim Healthy Mama journey, and quickly became obsessed with her recipes. Her blog is all about finding joy in food, even while losing weight. Healthy, good for you food doesn’t have to be boring or sad. Her recipes will help you see that! You’ll find keto, low carb, and gluten free options on her site that will make you love food again.

Here are some of my favorite recipes and posts from Joy Filled Eats:

Healthy Living Blogs We Love

Living a healthy lifestyle requires community and support. Sometimes, that can be hard to find in your real life, which is what makes blogs like these so awesome! Any time I need some inspiration, advice, or support on my journey, I know I can turn to one of these healthy living blogs and find exactly what I need.

Are you searching for that community and inspiration in your own life? Don’t forget to come get your daily dose through my facebook group or Instagram! We can cheer each other on, share ideas, and talk about the things that matter most.

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It's 2020, and we're thinking about our health more than ever! Today, I want to share the healthy living blogs I follow for advice, inspiration, recipes, and more.

Find more on clean living from The Angie Cruise Blog here:



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