Homemade Yoga Mat Spray Using Essential Oils

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Easy Homemade Yoga Mat Spray

Does your yoga mat have a funk after a few sessions? Try this homemade yoga mat spray using essential oils to help get it clean and smelling fresh!

Every yogi knows it’s important to clean your mat. Bare feet, oily foreheads, and sweat can do a number on those if you’re not careful.

Today, I’m going to share a homemade yoga mat spray that will not only get your yoga mat clean, but also smelling amazing!

The best part? It only takes about a minute to whip up! Find the recipe, plus a quick video tutorial below.

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DIY Yoga Mat Spray

First, a quick note about the essential oils used in this recipe: I use and highly recommend Plant Therapy essential oils. Yep! I used to be a die-hard Young Living fan, but after lots of research on both companies, I’m certain I’ve found the same quality for a much better price! Plant Therapy has stringent quality control on their partner farms, has aromatherapists on staff to answer questions, an extensive KidSafe line, and publishes all of their 3rd party testing right on their website. Bonus! They also offer free shipping. What’s not to love? You can shop Plant Therapy right here and stock up on all the oils you need for this recipe.



  1. Add ~2 tsp witch hazel to your glass spray bottle.
  2. Put 3-4 drops of each essential oil in your bottle (and breathe deep enjoying the smell!)
  3. Top with distilled water using your funnel
  4. Add a pretty label (I used the ones included with the jars!)
  5. Make more for all of your yogi friends to enjoy!

That’s it! That’s literally it. See? Even the least DIY type of person can make this yoga mat spray without any stress.

Want to save some money? Set up a DIY night with some of your yoga friends and make this as a group! That’s what we did. During our Deepen the Heart yoga retreat a few weeks ago, about 18 of us got together and made this plus some fizzy bath salts. We had a great time and got to share all of the supplies, so there was no need for everyone to go out and buy them!

Easy, Homemade Yoga Mat Spray that Fights Germs and Smells Great

How to Use Your Yoga Mat Spray

The most important thing I want to mention about using your yoga mat spray is to use it after you practice. Trust me. You can’t do yoga on a damp mat.

So, once you’re done with practice, give your mat a good spray down with your yoga mat spray and then wipe it thoroughly with a dry towel.

Let it sit out for about 30 minutes to fully dry before rolling it back up.

More Essential Oil Options for Your Yoga Mat Spray

  • Tea Tree + Lavender
  • Peppermint + Lavender
  • Sweet Orange + Tea Tree
  • Lavender + Tea tree + Peppermint
  • Lavender + Bergamot
  • Bergamot + Peppermint
  • Germ Fighter + Sweet Orange

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