How to Buy Essential Oils

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Want to know how to buy essential oils online without joining a team? Today, I’m sharing my favorite brands, plus some tips on how to shop!

I don’t know about you, but when I first started shopping for essential oils, I was very overwhelmed with all of the options. Eventually, I went with the option that most of my friends were talking about. Of course, I didn’t realize at the time that they were getting paid to talk about it. I just thought they really were the best!

Don’t get me wrong. I loved them, and was a long time loyal customer. In fact, I even recommended them here on the blog for awhile! But eventually, the pressure of “doing the business,” along with the exorbitant price really got to me. I’d had enough, and decided to start shopping around for other essential oil brands.

One thing I’ve learned on that journey is that you don’t have to be 100% loyal to one brand. And, you definitely don’t have to “join a team” or buy a special wholesale account to get a great deal. In fact, I’d argue that you’ll find a better deal and enjoy more quality products by shopping around!

Now, I get my essential oils from all over the place. Sometimes, I buy from a cute little shop nearby. Sometimes I buy from one of my favorite online vendors. One thing is for sure. My essential oil shelf looks a lot different these days, and I couldn’t be happier!

How to Buy Essential Oils Online

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As a vocal essential oil lover, natural living blogger, and student of aromatherapy, I tend to hear the same question over and over from those around me. It always comes in a different form, but it basically means the same thing:

How do I buy essential oils and know I’m getting a quality product?

And so, today, I want to discuss this a little bit. I’ll share some tips that’ll help you determine if a brand is worth buying, and I’ll share a few of my favorite places to shop as well!

Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll feel confident in your purchase and find some essential oils you love.

What to look for when shopping for essential oils:

These days, it seems like everywhere you turn you can find a company selling essential oils. What I used to only be able to find in specialty shops and online is now lining the shelves at Walmart. I love that, because it means essential oils are becoming more mainstream. But, it does cause a problem knowing who to trust.

Essential oils are powerful and so, so useful, but…only if you’re buying pure oils. Otherwise, you’re likely to be buying something equivalent to a candle or air freshener. It smells good, but…doesn’t really have any benefits.

If you want to make sure you’re buying quality oils that will do what they claim (which, I assume you do), this list will show you what to look for to find a good quality brand:

how to buy essential oils online without joining a team
  • GC/MS testing and transparency: this is the testing that reveals specific information about an oil, such as what is in it, whether it’s adulterated or has additives, and the percentages of each compound in an oil. It’s way more information than I personally understand, but a company that shares this publicly tends to have nothing to hide. (And, quite frankly, I’m leery of any company that won’t).
  • Scientific or Latin names: this is the long, hard to pronounce name that should be on each bottle of essential oil. There are different variations of plants, so it can be beneficial to know exactly which one was used in the making of your oil, so you know what benefits to expect. The exception might be blends, because there simply may not be enough room on the label to include the full list.
  • Check the brands reputation: most essential oil companies worth their salt will have people recommending them. Watch to see what your friends, favorite wellness bloggers and instagrammers are recommending when they aren’t getting paid by one company. To go a step further, you can Google them, check their reviews, and just dig a little deeper into what people are saying.
  • A good selection of blends, singles, and other products: While this isn’t always the case, I’ve found that most established brands I’ve found have a wide range of products. I can shop a good selection of oils, as well as carrier oils, roller bottles, tins, etc.
  • A focus on safety and usage education from professionals: you know a company is dedicated to safety when they’re putting that information right out there on their website. Take a look around. Are they sharing recipes, tips, education, and ideas right there on their site? How’s their customer service? Can you ask questions and get answers right away?

Of course, this is just a general guide to help you start shopping. You might have other standards that are very important to you that you want to add to this list. For me personally, things like pricing and philanthropy are important factors. Of course, they’re not deal breakers, but they are things I look for.

Essential Oil Companies I Recommend

This post contains affiliate links, which means I could earn a small commission based on your purchases. Please know I only recommend products I use and love on this blog. To learn more, see my full disclosure here.

Over the last year and a half, I’ve been on a mission to find essential oil companies I love and trust. Here are a few I personally recommend from personal experience.

Plant Therapy: It’s hard not to love Plant Therapy. They were my introduction into direct-to-consumer oils (no distributor), and for good reason. Between their pricing, selection, customer service, and collection of kid-safe essential oils that are truly safe for kids, what’s not to love? Shop here to give them a try!

Simply Earth: This is a newer essential oil company that’s put a DIY spin on it. While you can buy individual oils, their big seller is their monthly recipe box that comes with 4 full sized bottles of oils, 6 recipes to try, and any ingredients you may need to make them. One of the things I love about this company is that they donate to stop human trafficking. You can shop here, and if you grab the box (highly recommend for you DIYers out there!) use the code ANGIECRUISEFREE to get a free bonus box plus a gift card with your purchase.

Rocky Mountain Oils: These are admittedly on the higher end of the price range I like to spend on essential oils, but they’re 100% pure, undiluted, and unadulterated. The company has an amazing reputation and they stand by their products proudly. Personally, their Immune Strength blend is my favorite oil, and prefer it over some of the more well known alternatives. Shop here to view their full selection!

Obviously, this list is nowhere near exhaustive, so if I didn’t recommend your favorite brand, that doesn’t mean anything bad! It most likely means I haven’t tried it, yet. This list is just companies I personally have looked into and purchased from, in an effort to help you start your own search.

How to Buy Essential Oils: Final Thoughts

As much as some would like for you to believe, there isn’t just one essential oil company that’s pure enough to buy. There are lots of great companies to choose from, which is great! Of course, it also makes things more confusing, because you don’t know who to trust.

These tips will show you how to buy essential oils online without the confusion. And the best part is, you’ll find a great brand without feeling pressured to join a team.

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