How to Make a Vision Board That Works

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how to make a vision board

A vision board is more than just a fun craft to do with friends. Learn how to make a vision board that works by using these tips!

It’s no secret that I absolutely love the new year. As cheesy as it may sound, I love reflecting back on the past year, and setting goals for the year to come. Of course, I know that goals don’t have to wait until January, and quite often, the don’t. But, at the same time, there’s something about a fresh start, a new planner, and the end of some gluttonous holidays that makes me want to make changes. Last year, in addition to setting new goals and intentions for the year, I got together with a group of friends and created a vision board. I liked the exercise so much that I decided to do it again this year, and share it with you! Want to learn how to make a vision board that actually works? Keep reading for my best tips.

What is a Vision Board?

Before creating your own vision board, you should probably understand what it is. What’s the purpose behind it?

A vision board can be many things, but most importantly, it is a visual representation of your goals and aspirations. It’s basically a tool to help you visualize your goals.

Of course, a lot of people think visualization is a silly gimmick, but it’s actually backed by scientific evidence. Visualization practices can boost performance and confidence to get you the outcome you desire. It’s not wishful thinking, because wishing doesn’t get us anywhere. Visualization is specific, intentional, and done with a plan. You can learn more about that right here, so you can fully understand the process behind it.

A vision board is merely a tool in this visualization exercise. It lets you collect all of these words, ideas, and images that you are drawn to, and organize them in a way that stirs an emotional response and gets you visualizing what you really want out of life.

How to Make a Vision Board

There’s a lot more that goes into an effective vision board than just pasting pretty pictures on a poster board. If you want this exercise to truly work, you have to be intentional about what you put on it. The images and words you choose need to make you feel something.

Before you get started, be sure to spend some time in reflection and prayer. Think back on your last year, and where you want to be in another year.

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself as you prepare for your vision board:

What did I accomplish last year?

It’s important to be really intentional when creating your vision board, and part of that means reflecting on the last year. It only makes sense to build on any momentum and success you’re already having, so figuring those things out can really help you in the process. This is a great exercise to help you grown and improve in specific areas of your life.

Did I try anything new and fail? What did I learn from that?

Failing isn’t bad and it isn’t something to be ashamed of. In fact, without failures, we would miss a lot of valuable lessons! I like to think that we don’t really make mistakes, as long as we learn and grow from them. So this year, think back on what you tried and failed at, and use it as an opportunity to grow and move forward.

What did I do in the last year that I’m proud of?

Did you maintain a daily yoga practice? Start a new business? Declutter your house? Survive?

Take account of these successes, and use those to build on in the new year.

What direction do I want to take in my life?

I think so often, it’s easy to forget that we’re actually in charge of our lives. If you don’t like where you’re headed, you can choose to change directions. We don’t have to settle for a life we don’t like just because “that’s the way it is.” If you don’t like your life, your job, your circle of friends…start taking some steps to change those things.

What do I want to change?

No matter where you are in your life, we all have something we want to change. Try to think of at least one thing you want to change. Whether you want to start a new business, lose weight, or improve relationships, figure out what those things are and write them down. Pinpointing these areas that you are unhappy with are key to helping you figure out what to work on in the coming year.

Gather Your Supplies

Once you’ve got your goals figured out and have a solid vision for how you want to move forward in the next year, you’ll need to gather some vision board supplies. These can be pretty simple.

Of course, you’ll need to figure out where you want to put your vision board. I do mine on a poster, so I can stick it to the wall in my room. Other people like adding them to their bullet journal or planner.

Once you’ve got your “base” figured out, then you just need to gather old magazines, quotes, markers, glue sticks, and pictures that you want to include in your board. Be sure to choose things that relate to all of the reflection you just did in the previous step.

how to make a vision board-supplies

What to Add to Your Vision Board

There are a lot of topics you can add to your board. Basically, anything you’re hoping to focus on in the coming year! That’s where the exercises and questions above come in. But, if you’re feeling stuck on what to include, here are some topics to consider:

  • physical health
  • household goals
  • finances
  • spiritual growth
  • bucket list items you hope to cross off
  • travel goals
  • education
  • career goals
  • mental or emotional health
  • minimalism and organization
  • volunteering
  • reading
  • self-care
  • habits you want to form or break
  • your hobbies
  • friendships and relationships
  • creativity
  • word of the year

You’ll also want to think of positive affirmations, inspiring quotes, and motivating images to include that reflect your goals.

How to Make Your Vision Board Work for You

This is the simplest part of the whole process. Once you’ve put together your vision board using the steps above, make sure you put it somewhere it’s actually visible. It does absolutely no good to create your board and then stuff it in a closet out of sight. You want to be able to look at it as often as you can.

Read the quotes, let the images help you visualize your goals, and really connect with the emotions that your board brings up. The more you practice this visualization, the more successful your vision board will be.

how to make a vision board that works for you

Get Ready for Your Best Year Yet

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