How to Set SMART Goals for Success

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Setting goals is great. When you set SMART goals, you can be much more intentional about reaching them. Plus, get a free printable goal setting sheet! #goalsetting #smartgoals

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of goal setting.  Every January, I totally geek out over evaluating my year and setting new goals.  I do the same thing at the beginning of each month, and at the beginning of each week.  There’s just something about a fresh start that really motivates me!

I’ve shared some of my goal-setting tips in this post, but I thought I’d dig a little deeper today.  You see, setting goals is great, but when you set SMART goals, you are able to be much more intentional about reaching them.

What are SMART goals?

There are several definitions of SMART goals that you can find online, but I’ll share what I follow.  SMART goals are a way of setting goals that is:

  • Specific: Make sure when setting goals that you are being very specific about who, what, when, where, and why.
  • Measurable: Ask questions like “how much,” and “how many,” to help when setting your goals.
  • Action steps: These are the steps you can take to reach your goal.  Keep these in mind when setting your goals, and keep a list of them nearby.
  • Realistic: I’m a big fan of setting big and scary goals.  I like a challenge, but sometimes, those goals aren’t realistic.  By setting smaller goals that are more easily achieved, I can work my way towards those really large goals without getting discouraged.
  • Time Sensitive: Our goals have to have an end date.  They say a goal without a deadline is just a wish.  Set a deadline and work towards it every single day.  Even if you miss that deadline, you’ll be leaps and bounds above where you were before.

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Don’t forget: focus on what you can control.

Another important aspect of setting goals is to focus on what you can actually control.  For example, in my business, I can’t really control how many people want what I’ve got.  What I can control, though, is what I do to reach people.

When I’m setting my SMART goals, I like to stick to things I can actually control. Some examples of goals that I have set for previous months are:

  • I want to teach 3 classes before the end of the month.
  • I’m going to write 2 blog posts every week this month.
  • Every day, I will research one new product and share a post on social media.

These are all things I can control, and they’ll all directly impact my business.  I can’t control how many people buy my product or read my blog, but what I can control is how hard I work to reach them.

How to set SMART goals for success - Free Printable!

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Are you ready to set some goals for the new month?

If so, I created a brand new goal-setting worksheet that I’d love to share.  It has a space for 3 big goals, and another space for the action steps you need to take to reach them! If you want your own copy, you can sign up here for access to my printables.

Don’t forget when you’re filling it in: Make your goals specific, measurable, action based, realistic, and time-oriented.


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