Imperfect Foods Review: My Thoughts After 6 Months

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Interested in trying out a new grocery delivery? Today, I’m sharing my full Imperfect Foods review. Find my thoughts on the service, the price, and the food after 6 months of ordering!

Like everyone else, this past spring, I found myself facing the conundrum of how to get groceries for my family without actually going to the store. I already had a membership to Thrive Market, but since they didn’t offer produce, I needed another option. Enter…Imperfect Foods.

I’d heard about this company for awhile, but was really hesitant to purchase. The name states, their food is “imperfect.” What did that even mean? I didn’t want to pay for bruised fruits.

But, once things started shutting down this year, and I started struggling to get the foods I needed from the grocery store, I decided to give them a try.

I’ve now been ordering from Imperfect Foods for about 6 months, which I think is an adequate amount of time to be able to share my thoughts.

Considering this grocery service for yourself? Read on for my full review!

What is Imperfect Foods

Imperfect Foods is a delivery service that offers a variety of conventionally grown and organic produce, pantry staples, and grocery items right to your door.

Despite what I originally thought, the “imperfect” part doesn’t mean your food will come bruised and damaged and unusable. Nope. It actually just means that it doesn’t meet some cosmetic standard to be sold in grocery stores. It might be too big or small, the color or shape might be off, or there could even just be a surplus of that particular food.

Stores pass up perfectly good food all the time in an effort to display a uniform selection, and now with Imperfect, we can benefit from that at a discount.

Some examples of the “imperfect” foods I’ve received through my weekly box:

  • some oranges with a little scarring on the peel
  • a bunch of carrots with different shapes
  • brussel sprouts that were different sizes
  • many, many items that were simply listed as “surplus” with nothing actually wrong with them
  • and, even some bread that was in a brand’s “old” packaging instead of the new packaging.

In addition to these “imperfect” foods, you can also shop their own line of grains, breads, meats, and snacks, just to simplify your shopping experience.

A glimpse at one of our weekly orders and how it shows up

How Does Imperfect Foods Work?

Imperfect Foods is a direct-to-consumer grocery delivery service that runs as a weekly subscription. The price varies based on what you get, but there’s a little something for everyone. At setup, you choose what size box you want to receive, and what you’d like to get in it (meats, grains, dairy, snacks, produce, etc). What you choose here will determine your average price, but don’t worry. They’re very transparent about what each option costs.

Each week, your cart is automatically filled based on your preferences and what’s in season. Once that happens, a “shopping window” opens up for a couple of days where you can go in and really customize your box. You can leave it with what they’ve included, or you can add and remove items to get exactly what you’d like.

For example, the delivery day where I live is Thursday. On Friday, my shopping window opens for the upcoming week, and is open until Sunday morning. I go in, customize my box, and then close my cart. That’s it! I just wait for my box to show up on delivery day, and enjoy.

My Imperfect Foods Review

I’ve had people asking for my Imperfect Foods review since I first shared about it. Now, after 6 months, I feel like I can give a really in-depth review about what I like (and don’t like) about the service. Overall, I can tell you I’m really pleased. It’s not perfect. Nothing is. But the pros certainly outweigh the cons for me. Read on for my thoughts.


  • Most of my groceries are delivered right to my doorstep every week.
  • I’m able to stick within the budget I set at sign up.
  • It’s fully customizable every week.
  • Most of the packaging is biodegradable- even the insulation! There are a few things- like the ice pack and the pouch the meat comes in that aren’t. We just pass those on to friends or save them for travel. I’ve also heard that you can return them! (I haven’t tried that yet). You can read more about their packaging here!
  • By shopping with Imperfect Foods, you’re actually reducing food waste and voting with your dollars.
  • I have access to some grocery items I can’t find locally, so it’s been fun experimenting with new foods.
  • They have amazing customer service. I’ve received a few un-usable items and they’ve been great about offering refunds and credits to make up for it!


  • I have, unfortunately, received a couple of items that were too damaged to use. Both times they were shipping issues, and not issues with Imperfect Foods, but customer service was really quick about crediting my account each time.
  • You do have to watch out for prices. While most items are cheaper or the same price as the grocery store, I’ve found a few things to be more expensive.
  • Sometimes, the items I want are out of stock by the time I log in to shop. Since the whole point of the service is to sell foods that would go to waste, this is bound to happen every now and then, but I’ll admit it can be inconvenient at times.

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Clearly, there’s nothing really “imperfect” about these!

Is Imperfect Foods Worth It?

Overall, I’d say we are really happy with our Imperfect Foods subscription, and plan to continue the service now that my experiment is over.

The price is great, we’ve received some really neat grocery items to try, and it’s helped me stay within my grocery budget each week. Plus, you really can’t go wrong with a service that delivers right to your door, especially these days.

Want to give them a try and see if the service works for your family? You can click right here to get $10 off your first Imperfect Foods order!

Imperfect Foods Review: My Final Thoughts

This year, I really had to get creative with how I got our groceries, and Imperfect Foods was the perfect fit for us!

Not only has the food been great quality for the price, but I also really enjoy having less plastic waste to deal with every week. Plus, this whole grocery delivery thing really has changed the game. I’m a little mad that I didn’t jump on that train earlier!

Hopefully, this Imperfect Foods review helped you figure out if the service is right for you! If you decide to give them a try, don’t forget to click here and use your $10 off for your first box!

My Full Review of Imperfect Foods

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