Life Lately: May 2020 Edition

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This spring sure has been a doozy! Let’s play catch up and take a look at life lately.

Well, we made it! This past spring wasn’t what any of us had planned, but here we are, heading into June with sunshine, warm weather, and a little more room to breathe as restrictions start to lift. I know there’s a lot of controversy on the topic of lifting stay home orders, but for my family, it’s felt like a breath of fresh air. We’re still being careful, and keeping our interactions limited, but it’s felt so good seeing a few friendly faces and edging slightly back towards “normal.”

These life updates are always my favorites to write and look back on, but right now, they seem more important than ever before. Like I said in this post, I know one day, I’ll want to read these and remember what a weird time we lived through.

This spring, the blog has certainly reflected the mood of the times. Scrolling through posts will show you tutorials and advice like how to make your own cleaning wipes and hand sanitizer. I’ve also shared some of my favorite fun educational activities for kids. You can even find my favorite places to buy natural beauty products on line! But, one thing I haven’t taken a lot of time for is personal life updates.

So, grab a drink and a snack, and let’s catch up, shall we?

Slow Living

Guys, I’ve been saying pretty much since day one that my family needed this forced halt so much, and it’s still true. I know the circumstances were awful. I know that. But, I also know from following other bloggers and friends on social media that I’m not the only one that felt this way.

For years now, I’ve been on a quest for a more peaceful life. I’ve cut back on responsibilities and created systems in my life to make things run easier. But, we were still maxed out. It felt like nothing we ever did was enough to give us the slow life we so desperately craved.

Clearly, what we needed was something drastic. And, while I hate how it happened, this spring was pretty much exactly what we needed, and has really caused us to reevaluate what life looks like moving forward.

My kids have been riding their bikes, and picking blackberries in an abandoned lot. They’ve been creating art and experiencing new movies. We’ve had time to re-start the Harry Potter saga, and we’ve played games. We’ve spent so much time just hanging out in our back yard together, and going on hikes and family bike rides.

It’s really been such a time of bonding for the whole family, and as restrictions slowly start to ease, it’s something I want to hold on to. There will be a lot of careful consideration going into what we want to get back to in the fall, and what we want to leave behind in exchange for a slower paced life.

Garden Update

Gardening has become a huge part of my quarantine therapy, and I’m so happy to say our little “victory garden” is thriving! In January, we added a hydroponic tower to our storage space to allow us to grow greens inside, but as stay at home orders gave us our weekends back, we decided to take the garden outdoors again.

We’ve still got the tower set up, and you can expect an entire blog post about that soon. But, now we use the two in harmony. We’ve got greens, seeds, and starts growing indoors, and all of our fruiting, hot weather plants outside.

As of this week, we’re officially on tomato and cucumber watch, and we’re already growing so much basil we’re passing it around to the neighbors!

Rescue Pups

This year, we’ve officially become a rescue family! We went into the year planning to adopt a dog, and as luck would have it, we ended up finding two perfect fits for our family.

Molly came home to us as a puppy right away in February. But, Dakota was a more “typical” rescue who needed more medical treatments and recovery before we could bring her home. We picked her up on Easter, and a month in, we’ve found our groove with these two.

Business and Blog Growth

Last time we talked, I was planning the future of this blog and my business after stepping down from Young Living.

One thing that I don’t think is talked about frequently enough is what happens after you leave a company like this. I mean, it’s one thing to leave one company to move on to another. It’s a totally different ball game to walk away from a company and wash your hands of the entire industry.

I like to compare it to a break-up. There’s a mourning process, and you need time to re-evaluate your future. You have to find new friends and kind of re-discover yourself. Everything suddenly looks different in ways you never expected.

It’s weird and complicated and something I didn’t realize was part of the process. But, as I talk with other ex-reps, I realize it’s actually really common. Honestly, the whole topic deserves a blog post of its own, but at this point, I’ve moved on. I don’t want to make my blog about that at all.

In fact, as I read through my January update, I realized all of that felt so long ago. Like another life time. I’ve never been more certain in my entire life that I am exactly where I’m supposed to be, doing what I’m supposed to be doing, and it feels so, so good. I love this platform, and knew in my heart that this was my mission all along. And seeing it grow and evolve with my undivided attention has been pretty amazing. I don’t know what the future holds. If I’ve learned anything the last 6 months, it’s certainly that. But I do know that I’m finally on the right path. I have the most supportive and fun community being built up around me. Really, that’s all that matters.

Life’s Celebrations

This spring brought a lot of celebrations. Like everyone else, we had to learn to enjoy them in a totally new way.

Charlotte turned six right after quarantine started. That meant the party we’d planned went totally out the window, without time to figure out something new. Instead, we put streamers and twinkly lights on our patio, grilled burgers, and made s’mores over the fire table.

My momma heart broke for her to lose the party she’d been counting down to, but do you know what? Even now, two months later, she still talks about her backyard party and how this was the best birthday ever.

We also had a quiet, simple Easter at home, complete with online church service and an Easter egg hunt.

By Mother’s Day, restrictions were slowly starting to ease. That meant we were able to have my own mom and sister come to the house for a visit. It was great to catch up with family and have a little bit of normalcy back for the day! We grilled outside, let the kids swim, and just caught up. It was a much-needed day after being in almost complete seclusion for months.

We wrapped up our homeschool year

Yep! We did it! Between two out of town trips for Willie, vision problems with Charlotte, and a global pandemic, we still managed to finish up our year. We even did it a few weeks ahead of schedule!

Charlotte finished Kindergarten and grew so much this year. And Addie is officially done with her elementary education and gets to move on to “middle school”! We also realized while preparing for next year and checking state standards that she’s done pretty much everything expected of a 6th grader. Without even realizing it, she jumped up a grade. That’s one of the things I love about homeschooling. We were just moving at her pace and following placement tests. There was no pressure. Of course, the number isn’t a big deal. We’ll just keep doing what we’re doing. But still, it felt pretty good to know that despite all the concerned comments we’ve received, she’s done just fine with this homeschooling journey.

some of the awesome books we’ve read this year

So, that’s what’s been going on in our life lately. It’s certainly been a stressful and weird time for all of us. But, looking back, it’s had its really sweet moments, too. How has this spring treated you? Is your state starting to go back to normal? And if so, what does that look like for you, moving forward? I know my family has enjoyed this relaxed pace so much. I feel like this quarantine has changed a lot about what “normal” will look like for us moving forward.

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