6 Must Have Essential Oils for Beginners

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must have essential oils for beginners

You don’t need an expensive starter kit to use essential oils. Check out this list of must have essential oils for beginners and get started today!

It’s the same every time. Someone decides they want to start using essential oils, asks in a Facebook group where to start, and it’s always the same answer.

A starter kit. A $100+ investment with a lineup of oils, a diffuser, and some freebies thrown in to make it really worth it.

Listen. I used to do that. Recommend a starter kit with a diffuser and a lineup of oils, and sometimes even a free oil or two when the company had a promotion. I truly believed the value, and I know most of the people pushing those do as well.

But here’s what I learned over 4+ years of teaching friends, family, and even strangers about essential oils.

That’s usually too much.

When you’re just starting to learn about essential oils, you really don’t need a huge lineup. And you certainly don’t need to make a huge investment up front when you’ve never even tried them before.

Today, I want to break down what I consider the must have oils for any starter stash, and give you some common uses for each. I’ll also share where you can find great quality oils for an affordable price, because this should be easy. It should be manageable. And it definitely shouldn’t stress you out.

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How to Save Money on Essential Oils

I used to spend so much money on essential oils every month, truly thinking I was getting the very best quality. And, while I do think I was getting good quality, I now know that this wasn’t a case of “you get what you pay for.”

You see, I was a Young Living member, and never thought twice about the price I was paying for my oils. But, the truth is, their products aren’t more expensive because they’re better quality. They’re so high because your upline needs to earn a commission, and their upline above them, and on and on until you reach the top. I thought it was a case of “you get what you pay for,” but the more I looked into other brands, the more I realized that simply wasn’t true.

A year ago, I discovered Plant Therapy. They’re an essential oil company with a mission to make the greatest impact on as many people as possible. The company focuses on the highest quality oils they can produce, transparency in everything they do, and affordability.

Now, I can get my oils at an reasonable price without sacrificing quality in the slightest. And you don’t need to sign up and make a big purchase upfront. You just head to their website, order what you want, and enjoy free and fast shipping!

Seriously, if you’re looking for great quality oils that are also affordable, be sure to check them out. We’ve been really pleased.

And, if you really want to budget shop, be sure to check out the post I did on the best essential oils under $10!

Must Have Essential Oils

The oils I’m recommending today have a variety of uses, from cleaning to skincare to emotional support to good smells for the diffuser. You’ll find a little of everything here, and I’ll be sure to include some of my favorite uses for each oil.

essential oil bottles and houseplant


I’ve always referred to Lavender as the “Swiss Army Knife” of oils. It has so many great uses! Use lavender to help those kids wind down, pamper your skin, soothe minor burns and irritations, reduce the look of scars, and so much more.

Need some ideas on how to use it? Try using lavender paired with lemon and peppermint to soothe seasonal allergies. Or, pamper your skin with this DIY face mask recipe! You can also put it in the diffuser at night to help the whole family settle down and get ready for bed.


Lemon is another great multi-use oil to keep on hand. It has a bright, happy scent which is great in the diffuser. It’s a known mood booster, and freshens the air while it works.

I love using lemon in my cleaners, too. It’s my go-to for getting sticky residue off jars, and I haven’t found a stain it doesn’t clean.

Try adding lemon to your own cleaners, or pair it with peppermint or eucalyptus in the diffuser to wake you up and clean your head!

Tea Tree

Tea tree is pretty well known, even outside of typical aromatherapy circles. It’s incredibly useful as a cleaner, but it’s also great for oily, acne prone skin.

I like diffusing tea tree and lavender together for a spa-like atmosphere. If you have kids, it’s also a great oil to add to their detangling spray, since it’s known for keeping critters away!

essential oil bottles and house plant on shelf


I kept peppermint around before I knew anything about essential oils at all! It’s great for respiratory support, tummy troubles, and sore muscles.

Peppermint is great in the diffuser paired with lemon and lavender to help with seasonal allergies. I also love adding a couple of drops to my shower when I wake up stuffy! It turns your shower into a spa and helps clear your head and wake you up at the same time.

Disclaimer: Peppermint is a bit strong for kids, so use caution diffusing or using it around kids under 10.


Eucalyptus is by far my favorite essential oil. It’s perfect for that stuffy nose or mild congestion that are inevitable living on the Texas coast.

It goes incredibly well with lavender in the diffuser at night. Not only does it smell amazing, but it helps me wake up with a clear head.

You can mix it with some coconut oil to make a chest rub, add it to your favorite detox bath, or even use it on your wool dryer balls to freshen your laundry!

Not to mention, it’s a staple in my eucalyptus soft scrub recipe.


Frankincense is kind of a “holy grail” oil. It’s amazing for your skin, especially if you’re looking for something to give you a more youthful glow!

Frankincense is great in these DIY makeup remover wipes, in your DIY face mask, or this fountain of youth serum.

But, besides being a great addition to your beauty regimen, frankincense is a power house immune booster that’s actually safe for kids, and is also a very grounding oil, making it great to diffuse in the evenings, at night, or even during meditation.

essential oil bottles and house plant on shelf

Essential Oil Kit Options

As you can see, you don’t really need a “kit” to get started with essential oils. You can grab a few that look enticing on this list and save a ton of money.

To get the most out of your new oil collection, there are a few things I’d recommend:

  • a diffuser (like this one)
  • roller bottles (like these)
  • and fractionated coconut oil or sweet almond oil

But, I know kits can make it easy to grab and go. Luckily, you can find some really affordable options out there. If you want to shop that way, check out some of the following:

  • 7 & 7 Aromafuse Gift Set: This set comes with a diffuser, and the 7 most popular singles and blends (so, 14 oils), and comes in right around $100!
  • KidSafe Starter Set: This set is great if you have kids, because every oil included is safe to use around or on kids. It also comes with it’s own diffuser, for well under $100!
  • Essential Oil Gift Set: If you’ve already got a diffuser, or have one in mind that you want to get separately, this set is a great place to start. It includes 6 popular oils (many from this list!) and is by far your most budget friendly option.

Add These Must Have Essential oils to Your Starter Stash

You don’t need an expensive kit full of oils you’ve never tried in order to get started with essential oils. Remember, you can always add to your essential oil collection as you learn and get more confident in their uses.

This list of must have essential oils is a great place to start if you’re new to oils and not sure what to buy first. Each of these oils are ones I still use regularly, and for the most part, they’re all incredibly affordable, too!

Ready to shop? You can shop Plant Therapy oils right here, or head to your favorite website to grab the oils off this list today!

Find more essential oil tips, uses, and recipes here:

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