New Planner Haul! Gearing up for a New Year

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I've spent the last few weeks purchasing new items while I wait for my inserts to arrive. I thought now was a good time to show you my planner haul!

This last month, I’ve found myself gearing up for the new year.  I know it’s early, but since I wanted to try a new planner this year, I needed to prepare. Normally, I limit my planner purchases to make sure I don’t end up with things I won’t use. However, when it’s new planner time, I go all out. I’ve spent the last few weeks purchasing new items while I wait for my inserts to arrive. I thought now was a good time to show you my planner haul!

This isn’t sponsored or anything, although I will include my affiliate link for the planner if you want to check that out.  I’m really just sharing because these things make me happy and I want to share them with others!

If you’re starting to gear up for your 2018 planning, check out what I’ve been buying and tell me about your new goodies, too!

Webster’s Pages A5 Binder

This post contains affiliate links. To learn more, read my full disclosure here.

I’m a ringbound girl, through and through.  I tried coilbound for a year and a half, and while it was a great introduction to paper planning, I really need to be able to customize my planner.

I love being able to create my own custom printables to supplement my planner.  Having multiple sections in my planner has been incredibly helpful and I can’t ever go back.

Since it was just my birthday, I had a little extra cash and decided to grab a new binder to add to my collection. I’ve really been wanting a white one!  This is my first time to try a Webster’s Pages planner, but so far I’m really happy with the size and quality.  I can’t wait to get it stuffed with planner goodies and share it here!

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Target Dollar Spot Planner Goodies

Anyone else just get lost in the dollar spot every time you go to Target? It’s always been a favorite of mine, and it gets me in serious trouble now that they carry so much stationary! I’m not 100% sure if I’ll sure this stuff, but I loved the print, so into the cart it went!

On my last trip to target, I bought:

  • a washi tape dispenser
  • new washi pack
  • page flags & sticky notes (I mostly bought this for the “goals” notes)
  • new dividers and planner pockets


Carpe Diem Inserts

If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m a big note taker and list maker.  When I went to Hobby Lobby to browse, I saw these cute inserts and couldn’t resist.  I got an extra set of notes pages, because I never have enough.

I also got to-do list bookmark inserts that will be perfect to add each week for running task lists.

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Planner Stamps

I’ve wanted to grab some sets of stamps for my planner for a long time, but I was always hesitant to invest and then hate them.

For awhile, I was subscribed to The Planner Society box, and she always includes planner stamps in her kits.  It was a good intro for me and I gathered quite a collection.  After some practice using those, I decided that I really would love to have more for some of the regular events  that I need to fill in. That way I’m not spending so much on stickers every month, and I can still make it look nice.

I found this set at Hobby Lobby in the planner section and it was just too perfect. It includes mini icons for a lot of things I regularly find myself wanting, as well as word stamps for a lot of common planner needs.

It also has weather icons, so maybe I’ll give weather tracking a try again! I love the idea, but last time I tried, I found myself trying to put in “partly cloudy with a chance of wind and rain,” and I gave up.  Oh, Texas.  Let’s get this weather straightened out, shall we?

Libbie & Co stickers

Libbie & Co is one of my very favorite sticker shops.  A friend introduced her to me the week I got my first Erin Condren Life Planner, and I’ve shopped with her ever since! These days, I’m pretty minimalist with decorations, but I do like to use stickers and washi to help divide up my day and make my tasks stand out. That’s a big reason why I love Libbie & Co.  I can pick exactly what I want from each kit, instead of buying a full weekly kit and giving half of it away.

I also use them as a more creative way to time-block, based on what size sticker I choose to put down.

It’s been months since I’ve ordered any stickers at all, so I had some fun. My order included a variety of stickers this time:

  • Eva Decorative Box Life Planner Stickers
  • Eva Functional Box Life Planner Stickers
  • The Jenn Designer Planner Sticker Kit
  • Inspirational Quote Stickers (you know me and quotes)
  • Fall Scalloped Appointment Boxes (Set of 40)
  • Fall Rounded Half Boxes (Set of 21)
  • Black & Grey Scalloped Appointment Boxes (Set of 40)
  • Black & Grey Half Boxes (Set of 21)
  • Transparent Libbie’s Littles Money Bag Stickers
  • Transparent Libbie’s Littles Balloon Stickers

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Oh So Paper Co Stickers

This shop is brand new to me, but I stumbled upon a picture of her planner girl stickers on Instagram and thought they were so cute. As soon as they were released, I went and snagged 2 sets (one of which will be for a fun surprise soon).  The price was incredibly reasonable, too, so I went ahead and grabbed some “note” stickers as well.

I could have easily spent more in her shop after browsing, but since I’d just went on my Libbie & Co binge, I kept it minimal.  Her stickers were the last of my planner items to arrive (they were the last to be ordered, too), but I knew immediately they I would not be disappointed.  I’ll be back for more soon, that’s for sure!

Want to check them out yourself? Here’s the website!

That’s everything I’ve picked up for my new planner recently! I thought it would be fun to show you my big planner haul before I set up my planner for next year. My inserts aren’t in, yet, but as soon as they are, I’ll share my new setup and full details with you!

What planner are you going with for 2018? Have you decided yet?



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4 responses to “New Planner Haul! Gearing up for a New Year

  1. Ah I feel so unorganized! I always try and buy my 2018 planner around this time, I just can’t bring myself to do it! Etsy is an awesome go to for stickers though as well! I love buying new ones!

  2. Maria Moussa

    I have been looking for the carpe diem note pages. I cannot find them at any hobby lobby… Anyone know if they can purchase and I can ship and pay back?

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