How to Finally Organize Your Family Recipes {with a FREE Printable!}

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If you need to find a way to organize your family recipes, a recipe binder is a great place to start! Find my free printable and create your binder today.

I come from a really long line of great cooks.  Sunday dinners at my Maw-Maw’s house growing up were always full of delicious food piled high and long naps when we were done.  Just about everyone in my family cooks, and we believe that food brings us together as a family.  Some of my favorite past-times with my family involve all of us getting together over food, and sharing our own unique dishes.

Needless to say, I’ve been given a lot of family recipes over time.  They’re something I cherish, but they are also a little out of control.  You know how much I love organization, but I recently realized that I have an entire shelf in my pantry full of recipes, miscellaneous binders, and loose sheets of paper.  It’s time to get those under control.  I decided it was time to set up my own recipe binder, complete with hand-written recipes from me, that I’ll be able to pass down to my kids one day.  If you need to find a way to organize your family recipes,  I’ll show what I did below!

Organize Your Family Recipes in a Binder

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There are a lot of ways I’ve seen people organize family recipes, but a binder is my favorite.  I like the idea that I can use regular sheets of notebook paper if needed, and it will stack neatly on a shelf.

As you can see, I started with a big mess.  The goal is to organize all of this into a pretty binder that will keep all of our favorite family recipes, in addition to the recipes I’ve created on my own.

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Getting Started

To create your own recipe binder, you’ll only need to gather a few things.

  1. Family recipes (or your favorites that you’ve created or found)
  2. Paper to write your recipes on-grab my printable here
  3. A new binder- like this one
  4. A printer (if you’re using printables)-I use an HP
  5. 3 hole punch (for printables)- I like this one
  6. A pen

First things first, I created a printable.

Creating printables is my favorite part of organizing, if I’m honest!  It’s so much nicer to write on a pretty printable than it is on a simle sheet of notebook paper.  So, grab your favorite recipe printable, or snag mine here.

How to Organize Your Family Recipes Free Printable

Next, sort through recipes.

I already know that not everything will make it into my binder.  I’ve printed a lot of recipes offline over the years that just didn’t pan out.  Now is the time to sort through everything and toss what I don’t want to keep.  All of my family recipes, will, of course, make it into the binder.  I’ll only be tossing the not-so-great recipes from the internet, and recipes ripped off of cardboard boxes that I later regretted.

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Start writing.

Once everything is organized, and you know what you want to keep, it’s time to start writing!  This is the time consuming part, if you have a lot of recipes.  I could type them out, which would be more efficient, but I know how much I cherish the handwritten recipes that my grandparents have given me.  I want to be able to do the same for my kids and grandkids one day.

How to Organize Your Family Recipes | Free Printables!

Include a cover.

If you downloaded my free printable, you might have noticed it also came with a pretty binder cover.  I always like adding a cover to my binders, because it not only makes them prettier, but it’s easier to know what is in each binder this way.


This organizing project took a little longer than most of my ideas, but I love having all of my important recipes in one place.  I’ve been so worried about losing a recipe while they were scattered, and not they’re all in one place. Using a recipe binder is a great way to organize your family recipes at home. If you haven’t taken the time to organize your recipes into a binder, now is a great time.  Don’t wait until you loose one!


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