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I don't know about you, but I work a lot better when my workspace is organized and serene. Having an organized workspace allows me to come to work focused and less stressed.

I don’t know about you, but I work a lot better when my workspace is organized and serene. Having an organized workspace allows me to come to work focused and less stressed.

Don’t get me wrong.  My desk frequently looks like a “Pinterest fail,” especially when I’m busy researching and writing new posts.  I don’t think a desk needs to look Pinterest-worth to be functional, but some organization can make a big difference.

My Tips for Keeping an Organized Workspace

You don’t need much, either, to make a big difference!  I have a few simple items that can help you organize your workspace without spending a ton of money or time.  They’re also really easy to maintain, which makes all of the organizational work worth it!

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Grab a cute pen holder.

The first thing you need to keep an organized workspace is a holder for your pens.  I currently use a cute coffee cup that was gifted to me ages ago.

I’m really into a more natural look, and less industrial, so I’ve got this cute wooden pen holder on my wishlist right now!  Whatever you use, it’s a must to keep all of your pens in one place.  It’s really frustrating when you need to write something down and can’t find a pen!

Utilize your wall space.

I know most people have at least a little wall space near their desks.  Right?  This is a great place to add extra organization!  I personally use a large pegboard over my desk.  It holds scissors, clip boards, and baskets full of smaller necessities.  It’s a great way to de-clutter a drawer and keep everything within reach at the same time!  Pretty soon, I plan to add a bulletin board to hold inspirational pieces, journaling cards, or reminders I need to see.

Find a way to organize your small items.

I know in my workspace I have a ton of small items.  There is a huge collection of washi tape, thumb tacks, paper clips, and bookmarks.  I used to keep it all shoved in a drawer, but it took a long time to find what I needed! Now, I keep my washi organized in drawer organizers and have a separate organizing caddy for my paperclips and other micellaneous items. How pretty is this one??  Pretty desk caddies are a must for any organized workspace, if you ask me.

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Organize your paperwork.

Organizing papers is my very least favorite chore, ever.  I think it comes in below folding laundry or washing dishes.  Seriously, I wish this was a chore that just didn’t exist.  Still, my desk would be wrecked if I didn’t find a system for all of my paperwork.  (Kind of like how I do laundry so I don’t have to go in public naked.  We do what we gotta do, right??)

I don’t have enough filing to need a full filing cabinet, so I tend to go with a smaller system that I can tuck away.  I really like this one!  Mine is old, but it’s very similar to this and it works perfectly for my small business needs.

Having a solution for papers you don’t need is also a must.  Under my desk, I keep a cross-cutting paper shredder handy so I can slide unneccessary clutter right into it!  Mine is pretty old, but it’s comparable to this one!

Find a solution for your books and notebooks.

Do you have an organized workspace? If not, these simple steps will help you be more productive!

I do have a rather large bookshelf in my office, but since I share the space with my entire family, I don’t get much room on it.  Plus, when I’m in the zone, I don’

t want to get up and go across the room to get the resources I need.  There are a few books and notebooks that I use constantly, so I like to keep them on my desk.  I don’t just want them piled up, though, so I have them on the back of my desk.  My books are wedged between two heavier pieces that I already had. If you don’t have a husband that’s a “collector of all things,” you could grab a cute set of book-ends to keep your favorites handy and close by!  I think this is super cool, and even though I don’t need it, it might end up on my desk soon anyways!

I also keep a pretty basket from the Target Dollar Spot on my desk to hold some of my prettier notebooks.

Grab a pretty caddy and some clipboards.

I keep a lot of post-it notes, journaling cards, pretty paper, and miscellaneous items on hand.  They’re pretty, so they make me happy, but I also use them in my planner and I use them when I send out notes and happy mail.  Because of that, I like to keep them out where I can get them quickly, but don’t want them just loose on my desk. I keep a desktop caddy like the one I linked above that’s big enough to hold paper, but also has small sections for miscellaneous itesm as well.

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I also like to keep clipboards handy!  Any time I’m at the store and see a pretty one, I grab it.  They’re inexpensive, and they’re great to put on my pegboard wall to hold important information.

Finally, write everything down.

The most important thing on my desk at all times?  My planner! My planner is a big part of how I keep an organized workspace.  I use an A5 Carpe Diem specifically so I can add extra papers and reminders to avoid the extra clutter on my desk.  Anything to do with my to-do list or schedule gets put right into my planner so I don’t even have to think about it.  If you aren’t already using a paper planner, I highly recommend you start.  It helps me keep my life in place so I’m not digging around looking for everything later

My 2017 Ringbound Planner Setup | Inkwell Press Planner Setup

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Freebie Alert!

In honor of keeping an organized workspace from here on out, I want to remind you that I have an entire printable business organizer in my free library!  If you don’t have a planner, but want to start keeping all of your to-do lists and scheduling in one place, this is a great place to start!  Simply subscribe via the button below and you’ll get instructions for how to grab your free organizing printables!

Keeping an organized workspace is very important to me. If I step into my office and feel cramped and cluttered, I’m not going to do as good of a job.  I’ll be too focused on clearing a space to work, and won’t get anything done! By keeping things tucked away in organizers and in drawers, I’m able to get right to work and maximize my time.  We all know as work-at-home moms how important it is to maximize our work time, right??

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