My Personal Goals for 2019

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It's a new year! That means it's time for a new set of personal goals. Need some inspiration for the new year? Check out my list of goals here! #personalgoals #goalsetting #newyearsresolutions

It’s a new year! That means it’s time for a new set of personal goals.

While I’m not a fan of the “new year’s resolution” craze, I do like to hold myself accountable with goal setting and personal development. Don’t get me wrong. These are not hard and fast rules with no room for mistakes. No. If I do that, I’d give up by February along with everyone else!

Instead, they’re areas I plan to focus on improving in the coming year, with the goal of improving my health, relationships, confidence, and business.

This year, I thought I’d share my personal goals here on the blog. Not only will they hold me accountable (nothing like sharing with the whole world to give you some motivation, right?!), but I hope they’ll give you some inspiration as well.

My Healthy Living Goals

Last year, I finally met my personal goal of having a regular yoga practice. I saw a lot of growth in that area and actually started noticing a difference in how I felt. I feel like I’ve caught my “second wind” in my workout journey. The really hard part is over, and I’m at a point where I actually look forward to my practice, and get cranky when I don’t fit it in. I want to build on that this year so I can keep seeing improvements!

My health goals for this year are:

  • Daily yoga: I’ll be building on my current practice this year, with the hope of getting into inversions soon! I’ve got 6 private lessons lined up for the first part of the year, and in between, I’ll be practicing at home. Even if I only get in 10 minutes in the evening on some days, my goal is to squeeze in some form of yoga every single day.
  • Clean up my diet: We did really well on Trim Healthy Mama most of this last year, but really got away from it over the holidays. I’m back on track now and just need to remember how much better I feel when I stick with it.
  • Drink more water: It’s always been a huge struggle for me. I’ve got a 20 oz shaker bottle following me around all day now so I can measure how much I’m drinking! Less coffee! More water!
  • Start running: Not going to lie. I’m dreading this one. I’m not a runner. Not at all. But, Addie (10) asked me to start doing races with her, so we’re going to give it a shot. We each got running shoes for Christmas, so let’s see what happens!

My Business Goals

My blog has been ticking along nicely lately, but if I’m honest, I put the business part on the backburner this last year. I had a lot of personal growth to do, and I finally feel like I’m ready to take it to the next level!

Some of my personal goals for the blog this year are:

  • launch a new digital product: Details TBA, but this is already in the works!
  • start partnering with brands I know and trust: This has been the goal on my blog from day one, but I really pushed it aside in an effort to build my brand and community. This year, I’ll be taking on a few partnerships to help share some of my favorite products with you!
  • grow Inspired Style: This is the shop I launched at the end of 2018, but really plan to put a lot of focus here this year! I love designing, and these products give me the opportunity to do that for you!
  • stick to an editorial calendar: last year was all about following my passions as far as this blog was concerned, but this year, I need to find balance. I’ll be going back to an editorial calendar so I can be sure to deliver the best content I can! (Don’t think I won’t stray sometimes, though).

My Family Goals

Family is going to be a big focus this year. Quality time can’t be sacrificed. I see so much from other successful business people about how they had to sacrifice in the short term in order to achieve long term success. I’m going to be really honest here. I’d rather see this blog never be successful than to lose that time with my family. We’ve got such a good thing going right now between homeschool, the blog, and our various activities that I want to keep that going. It’s a great balance between rest and activity. So, this year, my biggest goals are:

  • take more spontaneous trips,
  • continue homeschooling,
  • have more game nights,
  • watch more movies together,
  • and build on our Brave Writer Lifestyle.

My Financial Goals

This year, we’re really going to tighten the reigns on our spending. We finally paid off the credit card again, so now the big focus is paying off my car and stashing some money in savings. I’m hoping to add an extra $100 to savings every month this year, which will really help bulk up our savings account to a more comfortable level.

We need to reduce our spending in order to do that, so I expect fewer dinners out and spontaneous purchases in order to reach that goal!

Image: Ivy Lany Portraits

My Fun Goals

Of course, it’s always a good idea to have a few personal goals that are just for fun. This year, those are to attend another yoga retreat (last year’s was such a great experience!), actually learn hand-lettering, and go on more camping trips.

Did you set any personal goals for the year, yet? If you need help coming up with something that really matters, be sure to check out these blog posts for some tips!

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