The Ultimate Planner Girl Wish List

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Do you have a planner girl on your gift list this year? I've put together the perfect list of fun and unique gifts for the planner lovers in your life!

Do you have a planner girl on your gift list this year?

This last year has been a major journey of sorts for me, as I discovered just how beautiful and fun a paper planner can be.  Sure, I used one in school, and tried different systems off and on as my seasons of life changed, but I never really found anything that stuck.  Then, two years ago, I dropped the ball big time on some major events, and had had enough.  I officially had too many balls in the air, and needed a way to manage everything that I’d actually stick with.

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That’s when a friend of mine suggested the Erin Condren Life Planner to me.  She showed me hers and it just looked so fun.   That’s right.  A planner looked fun.

It’s been a little over a year, and I now you use a different (but no less awesome) planner, and I’ve joined an entire community of like minded planner girls.  The planner community is huge, and there are just so many businesses and products that cater to it, now.  If you love planning, hopefully you’ll find a unique gift in this guide to add to your collection.  If you don’t plan, but no someone who does, I hope you consider one of these items as a gift this year!

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Planner Binder

Lots of planner girls prefer a coil-bound planner, because they are convenient, but if you know someone that likes to use printables or add extra pieces to her planner, than a binder is a must!  There are all sorts of  brands and price points out there.  I’m a big fan of Webster’s Pages, and have had several of their ring-bound planners.

Planner Inserts

For those who love the ringbound system, planner inserts are a must! This is how you turn your binder into a planner. My favorite inserts are from Sew Much Crafting on Etsy. You can also find a lot of options on Amazon, like these!

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Awesome Pens

Yes, pens can be really awesome! I personally never understood it until I had awesome pens, but now I get it.  My personal favorites right now are the new Paper Mate InkJoy Gel Pens.  The grip is fantastic, the ink dries incredibly fast, and it writes smoother than butter. (yes, I just compared a pen to butter). If you haven’t tried them yet, pick up a pack and see what all of the fuss is about!

Another pen I love using in my planner is the Pilot Frixion Pens (which also come in all black). These are erasable, which is awesome for pre-planning. No one likes to see things scratched out in their planners, and these pens solve that problem!


Washi and Stickers

My planning time is basically a creative outlet, now.  I coordinate colors, design a layout, and really just get in the zone.  It’s almost like scrapbooking, but without pictures!  Using washi tape and stickers is my favorite way to make my planning time more fun, and both of these items are usually a big hit with most planner girls I know.  I really love using this style of super skinny washi as a border between different sections in my planner, and this set is a great way to get you started!

I talked here about my favorite sticker shops, and I still recommend each and every one of these women!  As an added bonus, by ordering through them, you are supporting other lady bosses and mom bosses!


Maybooks aren’t necessarily planner related, unless you get the one that has a calendar in it, but making lists and planning kind of go hand in hand.  I’ve mentioned before that I always have a notebook with me, and these are the perfect size to toss in your purse (or the front of one of those awesome binders!) and have a place to jot down anything you need throughout the day.  I have a May Designs book as well as a few others in the same style, and I truly love them and use them all the time.

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Travelers Notebooks

These are so versatile and easy to carry around! I personally own a Foxy Fix and highly recommend them for anyone wanting a high quality TN! If you’re looking for a more budget friendly option to see if you even like it, I really like the Webster’s Pages brand. This one is only $16!

Heidi Swap Memory Planner Kit

So many of the ladies I know use their planners as a sort of scrapbook.  It’s a fun way to look back on what happened in your day-to-day life years later.  This is part of the beauty of decorations to a planner girl.  This Heidi Swapp Memory Planner Kit looks like it has everything she’d need to get started using her planner as a memory book. I’d love to get one myself and dig around through all the goodies!

Awesome Pen Case

If you have awesome pens, you need an awesome case to put them in!  There are no shortage of choices, but a pretty case that holds lots of pens is always a bonus.  This is especially nice for those that like to color code, because it’s easier to carry multiple pens while out.  Just fill one of these with the colors you use and toss it in your purse so you can jot things down while you’re out!

The one in my picture is from a subscription box and can’t be bought individually, but this one is really similar.

Bullet Journal

Bullet journals are increasing in popularity lately, and it seems like every planner girl I know either has one, or has given it a try!

This is actually my primary system this year, and I really love it! If you know someone interested in a bullet journal, most of the supplies mentioned here will still work! You can also grab a simple dot grid journal to give as a gift. My favorite is the Leuchtturm1917. It’s the perfect size, and the paper quality is really good!

Erin Condren Life Planner

The first planner I ever bought for myself was an Erin Condren Life Planner. I loved it, and it really helped me fall in love with planning. There are so many options available, and the brand really makes planning fun! They also have a whole line of art prints and accessories to go along with your planner, so there’s something in the budget for everyone!

Utility Cart

If someone on your list is truly obsessed with planners and planner supplies (ahem, like me), then a utility cart like this one is the perfect gift.

A Fun Planner Girl Mug

We can’t plan without our favorite beverage by our side. Everyone knows that. This is the perfect mug for your favorite planner girl! Grab it here  today and give it a place of high importance on your desk!

Silhouette Cameo

The Silhouette Cameo is a die-cutting machine. It’s great for making your own planner stickers, bookmarks, dividers, and page markers. There are all sorts of things you can use it for to really make your planner fun!

A Laminator

I use my laminator a lot while making planner goodies! I laminate all of my dashboards, make bookmarks, and use it for pages I want to re-use with dry-erase markers! This is the one I use. It works well and is really budget friendly.

Are you a planner girl? What’s on your wish list this year? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!


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29 responses to “The Ultimate Planner Girl Wish List

  1. Love this list! I am definitely a planner girl and I am super excited for my new planner for 2017 but this gives me some little extras to add to my wishlist.

    • Thirty-Something Angie

      Hey Kira! I love getting a new planner! I got an academic year planner in August, and I’m already sad that I don’t get a new one in January! Hope you found something awesome you love!

    • Thirty-Something Angie

      definitely! If I don’t get a planner binder for Christmas, I’ll be buying one for myself! I want one so bad so I can switch up my system and start adding some fun printables to my planner!

    • Thirty-Something Angie

      I’m so glad you liked it, Lauren! I’m currently using the Inkwell Press as my main planner, and really love it! I wrote about it as well on the blog if you want to see how I use it. Congrats on the new job!!

  2. Awesome list! I’m REALLY trying to force myself into using a planner this year, just SO many options to choose from. I am pretty certain I absolutely need one, though!

    • Thirty-Something Angie

      Hi Callie! Oh my gosh! I personally think EVERYONE needs ones! Having a planner and a place to organize all of your obligations really is life changing. I mean, I’m still scatterbrained, but I forget a lot less than I used to! I personally love the Inkwell Press Classic (you can read my post on that planner here), but I also liked the Erin Condren a lot! Have fun planner shopping!

  3. Great list! I love planners and am always sad that I have to choose just one. I think it would be fun to have a pretty little case for my pretty pens!

    • Thirty-Something Angie

      Hey Daria! I feel the same way about choosing planners! Maybe if I get a binder it’ll be easier to swap out inserts, right?

    • Thirty-Something Angie

      Hey Amber! I haven’t used any of her stuff yet, but it looked so neat! Glad to hear a good review! I really want it!

  4. I am launching a bible study for New Year’s that helps you reflect and prayerfully plan the year ahead in the most important areas of your life. This post goes perfect with it! I’ll pass it on yo my readers! <3

  5. I’m a planner girl, I can never get enough tape or pens! I have even bought my mummy one this year. Thanks for sharing. Here is to an organized 2017.

  6. Lovely list! Now that 2016 ends I’m so excited about picking the right 2017 planner, I’ve seen too many and I love most of them. I need to get more organized so I just want to get the perfect planner to help me do that. It’s a New Years resolution: “stay organized and productive”!
    Thank you Angie 🙂

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