50+ Self Care Ideas

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Don't forget to practice self-care. Refill your own cup so that you can stay well enough to take care of everyone around you. Keep reading for ideas!

This week, I learned an important lesson about taking care of myself. If I forget to do it, everything else falls apart. Need some ideas on how to put yourself first? I put together a list of self care ideas that we can all pull from when needed!

I’m going to be totally honest here.  A post this week almost didn’t happen.  I had the best of intentions, but as you know, it’s Christmas week. My kids are home from school, I’m wrapping the last of the gifts and making plans for this weekend, cleaning, baking, and grocery shopping.  On top of all of that, at the end of last week, I came down with the cold to end all colds.  I was in bed for days.

Can you imagine why?  Everyone else in my family had the same cold.  It was “just a cold.”  The difference is that I am Mom. I am the PTO volunteer, homeroom mom, household chef, maid, boo-boo fixer, chauffeur, event coordinator, and household financial advisor. Plus, I run two businesses from home. I wasn’t practicing self-care at all.

This week, I’m feeling better, but I now have my kids at home wanting entertainment and holiday excitement.  Still, I learned my lesson and I’m striving for balance.  I know that if I forget to take care of myself, everything else will fall apart.

You Can’t Pour From an Empty Cup…

That’s the saying, isn’t it? It’s not selfish to practice self-care.

This morning, instead of waking up and pouring myself into blog work and emails, I decided to wake up slowly and enjoy my morning for the first time in months.

I did yoga again (Oh, how I miss it!), diffused my favorite morning essential oil blend (Bergamot and Orange, great for grounding), and drank a cup of hot coffee by the light of my Christmas tree and the sunrise.

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You don’t even remember how rejuvenating these actions can be until you stop for awhile and then pick them back up. Like I said in the beginning of this post, I almost didn’t blog this week.  I was just too overwhelmed with all of my other obligations and had decided to pick up with new posts in January when my kids went back to school.  After my morning, though, I felt inspired.  So, I sat down and started writing, and here we are.

Don’t Forget to Take Care of Yourself

Whether you are a work-at-home mom like me, or just someone struggling to maintain balance in the midst of overwhelming obligations, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Be selfish every now and then so that you can refill your own cup.

Practice Self Care

Self Care Ideas for a Hard Day

  1. Go for a walk
  2. Enjoy some quiet time
  3. Meditate
  4. Exercise
  5. Drink a cup of coffee or tea
  6. Take a hot bubble bath
  7. Read a new (or favorite) book
  8. Sleep in
  9. Get some retail therapy
  10. Go out with friends
  11. Have a date night with your significant other
  12. Add some cucumber to your water
  13. Get a massage
  14. Write in a journal
  15. Turn off your phone
  16. Watch your favorite TV show
  17. Take a nap
  18. Listen to music
  19. Give yourself a mani/pedi
  20. Take your vitamins
  21. Doodle or color in an adult coloring book
  22. Eat a healthy snack
  23. Write your to-do list
  24. Say “no” to something that doesn’t suit your needs
  25. Play a game
  26. Diffuse essential oils
  27. Eat a piece of dark chocolate to lift your mood
  28. Enjoy a glass of your favorite wine
  29. Work in the garden
  30. Spend time with your pets
  31. Practice yoga
  32. Order your favorite take-out dinner
  33. Have a declutter session
  34. Rearrange a room
  35. Make your bed
  36. Do something creative
  37. Give yourself a facial
  38. Start a new hobby
  39. Take a trip to the beach (not everyone can, unfortunately)
  40. Call someone  you love
  41. Be a couch potato
  42. Eat some greens
  43. Get a hug from someone you love
  44. Take a day trip
  45. Pamper yourself
  46. Dance it out
  47. Cook your favorite meal
  48. Give yourself permission to slow down
  49. Wake up early for alone time
  50. Take a personal day

What about you?

What’s your favorite way to take care of yourself?  I’d love to hear your favorite self care ideas it in the comments below!

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2 responses to “50+ Self Care Ideas

  1. This is a great list! I am charged up by the idea that as moms and women, we’re better at our roles when we take time to pursue our passions. It’s not selfish! My “thing” is writing. So I get up at dark-thirty every morning, 7 days a week, to blog (I have 7 kids and that’s the only time the house is quiet!).

    • Thirty-Something Angie

      Hey Carrie! Yes, I completely understand! I wake up at 5 every morning (okay…MOST mornings) to do yoga and write in peace. With kids in the house, it’s the only quiet moment all day!

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