Quarantine Catch-Up: My Current Thoughts and Feelings

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quarantine catch up

Sometimes it’s nice to just take some time to write a blog post dedicated to what’s going on in life. With everything going on in the world right now, I thought it would be extra important to have a blog post to look back on one day.

Did anyone else have an assignment in middle/high school where they had to interview someone alive during the Great Depression? I did, and I’ll admit, the answers I got weren’t what I expected. By the time I interviewed this lady, those memories were so distant, and she had a hard time recalling answers to my questions. I didn’t understand then how something as big as the Great Depression could just disappear from your mind, but now I think I do.

We’re in the middle of (yet another) major historical event. I’ve lived through 9/11, the “war on terror,” a recession, and now, a global pandemic. I imagine one day, my grandkids will interview me over at least one of these events.

So today, in the hopes that I have some concrete memories to hold on to when my kids ask about this weird time, I wanted to blog about life currently. Let’s take a look at what I’m feeling, thinking, loving, hating, and doing lately.

What I’m feeling:

I don’t think I’ve ever experienced another time in my life with so many conflicting feelings. We’re living in a state of emergency, but our instructions are to sit and do nothing. It goes against everything my gut is telling me. Emergencies require action, but there’s no action to be taken here.

Sometimes, this results in periods of hyper productivity. Other times, I let myself forget it all and savor the free time to just be. And then, of course, there are the moments of paralyzing anxiety that pop up out of nowhere.

How are you supposed to act during a pandemic? There really aren’t instructions available, so every day is different.

What I’m doing:

The longer this goes on, the more free time I seem to have. The first week, nothing felt different. Now, I feel like I have found hours every day that need to be filled. It’s kind of cool, and kind of boring at the same time. The good news is, I’ve had lots of extra time to finish projects I’ve wanted done for years.

This past week, we finally built some garden beds to revive our plot that has been neglected for 6 years. Every year, we say we’re going to garden again, and every year, we would run out of time to actually clean up the plot and get plants in the ground in time. This year, we have all the time in the world, so, finally, it got started!

When I’m not working in the garden, I’m mostly busy homeschooling and blogging, both of which add a lot of normalcy to my day. In the evenings I do a lot of knitting and reading, which are both things I wanted to make more time for this year. Funny how that happens, right?

I’m working my way through my second-ever shawl right now, and I’m pretty sure I’ve found a new addiction. If this keeps up much longer, I’ll probably start knitting them for friends and family, too, just to keep me busy!

What I’m loving:

Lately I’ve been loving my at-home yoga practice. I love it even more because Willie has been doing a lot of them with me, and it’s really cool to have that to do together in the evenings.

I get a lot of questions about starting a regular practice, and my number one recommendation is to find someone on YouTube with videos you can follow. When I first started, I learned a lot from Yoga with Adriene, and more recently, my friend Melody started her own YouTube as well! I’d recommend checking both of them out for some free at-home yoga practices.

If you’re brand new to the practice and don’t know what you need, check out this post for my favorite gear.

Also, for my fellow Texans, who else is loving these to-go margaritas these days? We just bought a gallon from our favorite restaurant to bring home. Not to make light of a crappy situation, but I’d definitely say this is a huge perk these days!

What’s bothering me:

Right now, the thing that’s bothering me the most is social media. I like to think a lot of people can relate, but at the same time, we’re all there, trying to stay connected and in-the-know. It’s so frustrating. Everyone has more time on their hands for posting, and it’s resulting in a constant bombardment of news, opinions, fear mongering, and jokes about the situation at hand.

And, while I love a good joke as much as anyone, it appears that lately, something I’m super passionate about (homeschooling) has become the butt of the joke.

Quite honestly, I don’t think it’s funny to joke about these kids’ futures. I just wish instead of sharing funny memes about it, everyone was just taking more advantage of the millions of free resources that are currently available for them. Obviously, I’m aware that I’m taking it too personally, but that’s part of emotions running high right now. I just keep thinking that one day, these kids are going to see those jokes on their parents’ Facebook pages, and what’s going to go through their minds then?

What I’m reading:

Part of my goal for 2020 was to read more, and I’ve definitely accomplished that. At some point, I want to make a blog post about this topic alone, but for now, I’ll just share a couple of my more recent favorites.

I’m currently reading A Man Called Ove. At first, I wasn’t really sure about it. It’s a bit more slow paced than others I’ve been reading, so it was harder to get into. Still, it managed to pull me in, and now I’m invested and getting to know him. I’m almost done, and so far, I’d recommend it!

Other books I’ve read recently that I really loved:

  • A Handmaid’s Tale: I probably shouldn’t have read this as we entered a national lock-down like I did, but what can I say? Apparently, I like causing my anxiety to spike. (And let’s be real, I’ve read enough dystopian novels to have already had a lot of these thoughts swimming through my head anyway).
  • Where’d You Go, Bernadette?: Such a good book. I flew through this one, trying to get to the end, and loved every minute of it.
  • The Bookish Life of Nina Hill: Honestly, I only bought this because it was posted as a flash deal in one of my book groups. It was only $1.99 on Kindle, so I grabbed it to bulk up my book stash. It was so cute, and another one I flew through way too quickly. If you’re a planner, reader, and cat lover like I am, I think you’ll really love it!

What I’m watching:

I still don’t have a lot of time to watch TV these days, and mostly I don’t mind. I do get an hour or two in the evenings, though, and spend that time binge watching and knitting until I go to bed!

My absolute favorite lately has been Grace and Frankie, and I can’t believe I went so long without watching this show. I honestly feel like I could be best friends with both of them, and I think that makes me love it even more!

What I’m thinking:

Currently, I’m wondering how this will all end. Will things really go back to normal any time soon? Are we looking at a “new normal” moving forward? The media has used that term a few times, and it worries me.

I also really really want to wear mascara and do my hair. A few months ago, I’d groan every time I had to put on pants with buttons to leave the house. Now, all I can think about is dressing cute, putting on some makeup, and heading to the grocery store.

So, for all of you extroverted huggers out there, please know your introverted, homebody friends are also struggling right now.

I hope you’re all hanging in there right now. Life feels a little surreal, and things are far from normal, but I think with a little effort, we can make the best of it.

I’ve been doing my best to put out some tips and advice that are extra helpful during this time, too. Things like recipes with simple ingredients, homemade cleaners, and activities your kids might enjoy. If you’ve been missing them, be sure to join us on Facebook! You can also sign up for my bi-monthly newsletter (right here) that’s full of the most recent topics of discussion, newest blog posts, and current faves. Hopefully, this will help us keep in touch!

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