5 Reasons I Chose to Get Involved with a Network Marketing Company

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After a decade of swearing I never would, I recently found myself pursuing a network marketing company. I put together a list of 5 reasons why I decided to give it a try, to help you decide if this is the right choice for you!

Did you know that when I was in college, I tried to sell Mary Kay?

It was never a conscious decision, but before I knew it, I had sales quotas and team meetings every week. I had in home parties and private makeover sessions with all of my friends.

It started out really fun, but after awhile, I really started feeling the pressure.

It took about a year, but I finally decided I couldn’t do it anymore. I was losing money and stressing myself out over something that wasn’t working.

I swore I’d never get involved with a network marketing company again.

And you know, for over a decade, I didn’t.

I had friends trying to sell me everything you can imagine.  Some products, I tried and liked.  Some products, I wondered in my head if my friends knew me at all. (Sometimes I even wondered if they knew they were insulting me).

During that time, I saw so many bad business practices and had to block so many of my friends on social media, that I knew I was making the right choice. Network marketing definitely wasn’t for me.

When I found Young Living, I became obsessed with the idea of essential oils. I was already using some cheaper brands for cleaning, but I heard so many wonderful things about the products. After making sure (repeatedly) that there were no monthly quotas or business commitments, I bought my premium starter kit and fell in love.

For three years, I happily used my oils, talked to my friends about them, and learned as much as I could. I started to see so many people around me getting healthier, sleeping better, detoxing their homes, and even experiencing huge financial growth after joining the company. What?!

I was starting to get curious. Could this work for me?

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Finally, I approached a friend that I’d watched achieve huge successes with the company, and asked her to coach me. (See the income disclosure statement here). And so, here I am.  I got involved with a network marketing company.

Even after saying I never would. Even after being vocally against them for years. I thought it was time to explain my decision.

Before I get started, though, I feel like it’s really important to point out that you have to love any product you try to sell.  If you’re in it for the money, it’s going to be forced, and it’ll be obvious.

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For me, Young Living was a natural fit because the products worked. They worked well enough for me to stick with them and tell my friends about them for years without trying to earn a dime.

If you wouldn’t tell your friends about it for free, it’s probably not worth selling.

So, what finally made me change my mind?

I put together a list of 5 reasons why I decided to get involved with a network marketing company. You can see them below and decide if this is a choice that’s right for you!

1. I needed a way to steadily supplement our household income.

When I decided to pursue an income with Young Living, I already had a business.  It was a business I’d built for over 8 years and it was pretty successful.

Still, it had good months and bad months. I needed an opportunity that would steadily help support my family and pay off debt.

2. I wanted the freedom to work from anywhere.

The whole point of me working from home was to be able to do it anywhere, any time.  I wanted to be able to drop everything and go to the park, or even on vacation, without worrying about work.

Having a business I could run from my phone on my own time was a huge priority for me.

3. I wanted to build a community of like-minded individuals.

Let’s be honest. I’ve never really “fit in.” Generally speaking, I’m okay with that. But, sometimes, I really want a community I can turn to. A community that “gets” me.  Everyone needs people to cheer them on, and my life was seriously lacking in that for a long time.

One of the things that really drew me to Young Living, and The Happy Oilers in general, is the huge sense of community and belonging I saw. It’s true, too. The entire atmosphere of the company is centered on building relationships.

Not only have I joined an awesome team, but I’ve learned so much about building stronger relationships through personal developement training.

I know this isn’t something most people thing about when starting a business, but for me, it was a huge unexpected benefit!

4. I wanted to experience the kind of growth I’d seen from others.

A huge part of network marketing is learning about yourself. When I first joined Young Living, I was surprised at this whole concept of personal development. Here I was, surrounded by people that were actively trying to improve themselves. It had never crossed my mind!

Now, I’ve done a lot of work on myself. I have studied my personality (blue/red INFJ here) and how to interact with other personality types. I have learned about setting goals and pursuing them every month. I’m constantly picking up a new book that can help me grow.

Currently, I’m reading The Compound Effect, which is all about how our habits effect our lives. It’s a great read for anyone, whether you’re in network marketing or not!

5. I wanted to build a passive income stream.

Like I said before, I already had a business.  For years, I designed and sold luxury knitwear.  It’s something I loved and the business was so fulfilling.

Unfortunately, it also took up a lot of time. If I wanted to make more money, I had to find time to work more. But, I was already working every free moment of my day! I was staying up late, waking up early, and bringing my knitting everywhere.

There was no way to make more money in that business, because I simply didn’t have more time to give. I knew the key was to find a passive income stream, so that’s what I did.

There are a lot of ways to create passive income, and I tried out several. I sold my digital patterns, started a blog, and got involved with Young Living. Young Living grew the fastest, and has been my best source of passive income by far!

I’m almost a year into my business, and I’m grateful every day that I said yes.

I found everything I was looking for with Young Living.  Passive income, personal growth, a close-knit community, freedom, and  a great way to supplement our income.

If you’re considering joining a network marketing company, I encourage you to do your research to see what it’s all about.

Make sure you know what’s required of you. Does it fit your criteria? Do you have a monthly sales quota, have to carry inventory, or do in-home parties? Decide what fits in your lifestyle and find a company that will work for you, with a product you love.

If you have any questions about network marketing, or about Young Living, I’d be more than happy to try to answer them! You can contact me here or leave a comment below.





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