Simplistic Christmas Decorating: My 2019 Christmas Decorations

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simplistic christmas decorating ideas for the average home

This year, I’m keeping my Christmas decorations simplistic and clutter-free. Read on for ideas on how to decorate for Christmas without feeling overwhelmed.

Let’s just get this out of the way early- I’m not a home decor blogger. So, if you came here looking for the perfect home, photos that belong in a magazine, and a gorgeously decorated home to drool over….this isn’t the blog post for you.

But, if you’re looking for something real life that you can incorporate into your own slightly messy home without much effort, keep reading! This year’s decorations are all about simplicity, cozy minimalism, and help from the kids.

One of my rules when it comes to simple decor is to stick with just a few colors and use them throughout the house. This year, I went with black, white, and red. Of course, there’s also some greenery mixed in and other natural elements.

For us, Christmas is about the magic and the memories. Not the photos that will go up on Pinterest or Instagram. We don’t decorate to keep up with the rest of the world. But, I wanted to share on the blog to add a bit of “real life” to the Christmas decor buzz. I wanted to show that it is possible to have a beautifully decorated home without spending loads of money and completely re-doing your decor.

Want some simplistic Christmas decorating ideas for your own home? Here’s what I used.

My Simplistic Christmas Living Room Decorations

Simple, Minimalist Christmas Living Room

I love how my house looks during the holidays. I love the simplistic Christmas decor, the subtle hints of the season, and how it instantly makes you want to curl up on the couch with a hot cup of coffee or tea under the twinkly lights.

Is it perfect? No. Not by today’s standards. But we love it, and I hope it inspires you, too!

Our Tree

I’m not going to lie. I’m really proud of our tree. We decorate it really simply and don’t go overboard, but I love it.

This tree was a total fluke Black Friday find two years ago. We showed up at Walmart for toilet paper at 4 pm that afternoon (I don’t really do actual Black Friday shopping!), and decided to walk around to see what was out. This tree….this gorgeous 7.5 ft pre-lit tree, was still sitting there marked down at an absurd price I thought was too good to be true.

This year, instead of a tree skirt, I found this wicker tree base at Hobby Lobby. I feel like it really cleans up the look, and my cats don’t mess with it like they do with the skirt!

Simple Christmas Decor


Greenery plays a big part in my simplistic Christmas decor. Most of it is fake, because I’ve used it for years. But, I’ve been putting a focus this year on living decor for each holiday.

The idea is that at the end of the season, the living decor can be composted, and minimize our storage requirements throughout the year. Plus, living decor is just so pretty.

With that in mind, I did buy some white pine garlands, that are scattered throughout the house (see photo above), and a plant from our local grocery store that is so pretty.

PS: I’ve read that you can take apart these live garlands and reattach them in the center to make both sides of the garland lay flat, but I didn’t do that. I thought this post was super helpful on hanging them!


DIY Simple Advent Calendar Idea

We have a lot of fun with DIYs each year for Christmas. It’s a great way to change things up without spending a lot of extra money.

Two of my favorite DIYs this year are these mini Christmas trees (you can see them in the photo below) and our advent calendar (above). Both were made with re-purposed materials and just took a few minutes to make.

To make the little trees, I just wrapped paper into a cone and started wrapping it with kitchen twine and hot glue until they were a few inches tall. Then, I trimmed up the bottoms so no paper showed and clustered them on various shelves to add interest.

For the advent calendar, we used dowels, more kitchen twine, some left-over black wrapping paper, clothes hangers, and some red pom-poms I found in our craft cabinet.

To make the advent calendar:

  1. Tie the dowels with the kitchen twine so that it hangs. I tied it like I was drawing a cartoon house. Start in one corner, then attach the top, then leave enough twine to create a peak (which you’ll do when you hang it), then work down the other side. tip: use a level to make sure everything is even.
  2. Once the dowels are secured, glue your pom-poms (or other Christmas decorations) to your clothes hangers. You’ll need 25 total!
  3. Cut your paper down to size and number them 1-25. Since I used black paper, I wrote my numbers with a white chalk Sharpie.
  4. Pin all of your number cards to the dowels, counting down from 25 to 1, and secure your calendar to the wall! I hung mine from the top, and also used glue dots to secure the corners to the wall.

That’s it! Every day, the girls pull down one card as we count down to Christmas morning.

Fun Decorating Tips!

I don’t like completely redecorating for the holidays, but I do like to make an impact when I can, and incorporate the colors I’ve chosen.

Since this year was black, white, and red, I had fun with it.

I started by cutting up a piece of scrap fabric I had in black and white plaid. It got cut into strips, and then tied to all of my garlands, the wreath, and a mini Christmas tree decoration!

Then, my girls strung fresh cranberries to add to the decor. We usually do this around the solstice to decorate outdoors, but cranberries are so pretty, and fit the decor so well.

Finally, I took some canvases I already had displayed in my home, and wrapped them in some of our wrapping paper. Of course, this only works with the right designs, but I think the typewriter print works really well in the room!

Simplistic Christmas Decor: Decorating Ideas for the Average Home

My decorations will never be featured in a home decor magazine, but I love the way it looks during the holidays. I love the simplistic Christmas decor, and the cozy atmosphere the tree lights provide.

I hope this is helpful as you decorate your own homes this season! Happy decorating!

Simple Christmas Decorating Ideas for the Average Home

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