How I’m Adding a Supplemental Bullet Journal to My Planner

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Clearly, I can't get enough of the whole paper planning thing.  Even though I use a planner regularly, I've still decided to try using a bullet journal again for 2018.

Clearly, I can’t get enough of the whole paper planning thing.  Even though I use a planner regularly, I’ve still decided to try using a bullet journal again for 2018.

Now, since I don’t use mine as a planner, my system is a bit different than most. And that leads to a really common question…

How do I use a bullet journal if it’s not for planning?

I get it.  Bullet journals are traditionally used as a way to have a planner with less structure.  As far as my monthly and weekly plans go, though, I need structure.

My bullet journal is a place for me to track everything else I want to remember. Things like habit trackers, lists, and project ideas.

Basically, my bullet journal is a way for me to track everything that my planner doesn’t have room for.  Sure, I could add notes pages to the back of my planner for all of my collections, but the rings can only hold so many pages.  In comes, my bullet journal!

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I’ve always wanted a bullet journal, but I didn’t want to give up my planner.

I would eyeball them on Instagram and in my planner groups all the time, wishing I could put one together. Every time I tried, though, I dropped it within weeks. This was basically because I’m not responsible enough to actually create monthly and weekly spreads from scratch.

I needed something pre-made. Something easy and structured. But, I wanted to be productive in other ways.

Then one day, I was looking at planner stuff at Michael’s, and stumbled across these gorgeous notebooks and grabbed one without thinking.  I didn’t even know what I’d be doing with it until a friend shared a picture of her “supplemental” bullet journal and I loved the idea!

This system is perfect for anyone that needs a structured planner.

With this system, I get to enjoy using my structured weekly and monthly planner, but I also get the creativity and flexibility that a bullet journal offers!

This book stays in the back of my planner, so it is still part of my regular system, but I can take it out any time I need to.

What’s included?

Like a traditional bullet journal, mine starts out with an index page. This is where I write down all of my collections and where to find them.

After that, it moves on to a Joy Log.  I have this set up to last the entire month of January.  On this page, I’ll write one (or more) good thing that happened that day.  For example, on the first, I got to enjoy a slice of cheesecake that was gluten and sugar free! On the second, I had coffee with my girls and their friend after shopping for books.  I’ll keep this up all month, to remind myself to always look for the good in each day.

The next page is just for fun.  It’s my “all about me” page. I’ve got doodles of the things I love most, along with some lettering practice.  This page is more of a memory journal where I can track the things that are most important to me right now.  Plus, it’s a soothing project in the evenings.

Then, I have logs to track my weight loss and my yoga practice. I’m currently following the Trim Healthy Mama meal plan and have issued myself a 31 days of yoga challenge to help me get back into a daily practice. These logs are to keep me accountable!

After that, I have a page that’s all about stepping outside of my comfort zone.  As we all know, that’s where the real magic happens, so I’m making it a point to do these things with intention.  On this page, I have a list of things I want to do to grow in 2018.

The last page I have in my bullet journal collection so far is a debt and savings page.  I’ve mentioned before that we’re aggressively paying down debt right now, so this page is a way for me to track payments and see our progress.  I’m also preparing to go to the Young Living convention this summer, so I’ve added a bar to this tracker to help me see my savings progress this spring!

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Collections I want to add:

I’m nowhere near done with this bullet journal, but I was too excited to share this while everyone was still setting up their journals for the year! I have some more collections I want to add in the next few weeks. Those are:

  • A mood tracker
  • Books I want to read
  • Project list
  • Wish list
  • Word of the year reminders
  • OOLA progress trackers
  • A “when did I last” tracker
  • My bucket list for 2018
  • Doodle pages
  • Hand-lettering pages

Be sure to stay up-to-date and catch pictures of those on Instagram as I finish them!

Do you have a supplementary bullet journal? What do you track in yours? If you’re a planner nerd like me, you might also like my free printables! They’re available to anyone that subscribes to my email list, which you can do here!



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