5 Ways to Support Your Friend’s New Business

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If you don't already own a business, it can be hard to know how to be supportive outside of buying things. The good news is, there are several ways to support your friend's new business without going broke. I've got 5 of them for you today, and surprise! Only one of them involves spending any money! #onlinebusiness #wahm #workfromhome

Watching your friends start a business is an amazing thing. We want to support them, but how can we do that without going broke? Here are 5 ways to support a friend’s new business.

We all have those friends on Facebook, right? The ones that started a business and start posting about their product or service for all to see?

On the one hand, we’re really happy for them.  But, on the other hand, there’s now another friend we need to support.  How am I supposed to support all of my business friends without going broke?

A friend of mine actually brought this up recently and it got me thinking. Because if you don’t already own a business, it can be hard to know how to be supportive outside of buying things.

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The good news is, there are several ways to support your friend’s new business without going broke. I’ve got 5 of them for you today, and surprise! Only one of them involves spending any money!

1. Comment on or share their posts on social media.

If you don’t own your own business, it might be hard to understand why this is so important.  When we run our businesses on social media, we are at the mercy of algorithms.

What does that mean? It means that posts that don’t get a good response don’t get shown to as many people.

In a world of social media marketing, it’s incredibly important to get your posts seen online.

The best way for you to help is by commenting on your friends’ posts and sharing them as soon as you see them!

2. Share resources you’ve found.

As a business person, I’m always looking to gain more knowledge and expand my network. I love it when my friends think of me and pass along something that might help!

Did you read an awesome business book? Maybe you just heard about a networking event that might benefit your friend? Make sure you pass on the info!

This also goes for resources such as:

  • blog posts
  • speaking events
  • books
  • and, experts in their field you might know.

3. Respect their schedule.

When I started my first business after working in an office for years, one of my biggest hurdles was that everyone thought I just had a lot of free time.  My family all worked out of the house, so they expected me to do all of the things they didn’t have time for.

It’s still a struggle sometimes, because I am home, and I do have a more flexible schedule than most.

The problem is, though, that when my schedule is interrupted, I often find myself working late into the night, or doing a mad-dash to meet a deadline.

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Understand that your friend is working hard to run a business, and can’t always pop over for a cup of coffee or a lunch date. And definitely, definitely don’t treat them like your assistant and ask them to do things you don’t have time to do yourself. Just because they’re working from their house, doesn’t make it any less of a time commitment, and your friend needs you to understand that.

4. Speak life over their goals.

Starting your own business, no matter what it is, is incredibly scary. As entrepreneurs, we tend to get a lot of well meaning advice from friends and family that feel like the safer option would be a corporate job.  That’s true.  For a lot of people, a corporate job with a steady paycheck is safer.  But most of us didn’t decide to take this risk because it’s safe. We took the risk because it’s worth it.

Nothing is more draining that being constantly reminded that you could fail.  That your dreams might not come true.

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A few kind words can really speak life into your friend’s dreams again.  That encouragement can sometimes be the difference between success and failure.

5. Be their customer. Or at least, their cheerleader.

Of course, one obvious way to support your friend’s new business is to actually be their customer.  Naturally, if you aren’t their target market, or their product would be of no use to you, no one expects you to buy it. But, if they’re selling a product or service you use anyway, consider giving them a chance!

I’m always incredibly grateful when my friends interested in oils or non-toxic living give me a chance by trying my products.  It shows their trust in me and my knowledge.

If they aren’t offering something you’re interested in at all, having an extra cheerleader on your side is always appreciated! Keep them in mind when you find someone looking for products like theirs so you can refer them.  Write a positive review on Facebook. Cheer them on and ask how their business is going.

All of these things are noticed and appreciated by your friend, and don’t take a lot of effort on your part. These are great ways to help your friend feel less alone and boost their confidence in their business and in themselves. Not only is the acknowledgement really flattering, but it may just be the boost they need to take their business to the next level.



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2 responses to “5 Ways to Support Your Friend’s New Business

  1. I love this article, thanks for writing. It’s hard being an online entrepreneur sometimes, so we all need friends & family around! Sharing this!

  2. Great ways to help a friend! I wish more of my own friends had known this back when I did an mlm. It took doing it myself to figure it out though.

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