Free Valentine’s Day Printables Your Kids Will Love

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free valentine's day printables your kids will love

Valentine’s day is coming up soon! Enjoy this collection of free Valentine’s Day printables your kids will love.

I don’t know about you, but Valentine’s day always sneaks up on me. It’s too close to Christmas, and I always tend to forget about it until the night before. See, Valentine’s day isn’t really a big deal for me, and never was. Growing up, we’d always run into the closest store on February 13th and grab a box of cards to hand out to our friends, and that was it.

There were no candies attached, we didn’t spend hours decorating, and we certainly weren’t about to ask our mom to spend any more than the couple of bucks she’d already spend on cards. Nope. Valentine’s day for me was a tissue box covered in construction paper and a pack of cards from the dollar store.

But, here we are in 2020, and Valentine’s day is an event. My kids somehow expect heart shaped pancakes for breakfast, crafts, and unique cards to hand out to their friends. This clearly doesn’t come naturally to me, so I do what we all do.

I turned to Pinterest.

There, you can find tons of printable Valentine’s day crafts and cards. They’re all so cute and put together, and the kids are sure to love them.

Unfortunately, so many of them take time.

So, if you’re like me and normally wait until the last minute, I’ve got your back.

I created some super cute Valentine’s Day bookmarks for you to print and gift as an easy, fun Valentine. As a bonus, I also included some of my favorites from Pinterest at the bottom of this post to give you some options!

Valentine's Day Bookmarks with Watercolor

Simple Valentine’s Day Printable Bookmarks

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I designed these bookmarks with my kids in mind. We love crafting, but between homeschooling and all of our extra curricular activities, we don’t usually have a lot of time. These are perfect, because they’re simple and easy to customize. Plus, my kids can do the whole thing themselves, which they love.

What You’ll Need

We personally enjoyed printing them out and using watercolors to decorate them. Once that dried, we used a single hole punch to punch a hole, then added colorful yarn for a tassel.

These were done just for fun for us, but for the ones we gift to friends, we’ll be taking an extra step and running our bookmarks through the laminator. It just gives them a more finished look and helps protect the bookmark longer than regular paper!

There are three design choices to choose from, and you’ll get all three for free!

Valentine's Day Bookmarks

You can download them right here.

More Fun Printables

As I mentioned above, Pinterest is a great place to find free Valentine’s day printables. The only downfall is that it’s so hard to find simple printables that don’t include a run to the store, or a cutting machine, or a lot of patience to put together.

I mean, even searching “simple valentine’s day cards” I found mostly ideas that had to be put together and included things like boxes of crayons, candy necklaces, pencils, etc. I don’t know about you, but when I search for something simple, I mean “print and cut.” That’s what prompted me to create our own this year, and share them on the blog. I personally think the world needs a little more simplicity in it.

So, with that said, I put together a list of my favorite simple printable cards for you. Seriously. Print. Cut. Enjoy.

  • These simple activity cards from Sunny Day Family are cute and easy to do. You can choose word search cards, maze cards, or one that can be colored in. Just print and cut!
  • Who else grew up making “cootie catchers” in elementary school? This printable Valentine’s version from Bren Did brought me all the way back to those school days. They just look so fun!
  • Here’s another cute coloring page version from The Kitchen Table Classroom. These designs are so cute!
  • These llama cards from Artsy Fartsy Mama are probably going to be my daughter’s favorites this year. Seriously, so cute. And, completely done for you.
  • Ya’ll. I just about died when I saw these adorable Star Wars themed cards from Our Handcrafted Life. And, your kid will probably be the trendiest kid in class this year with how popular Yoda is right now!
free valentine's day printable bookmarks your kids can make

Make Your Valentine’s Day Memorable with These Free Printables

I love crafting with my kids, but between all of our other commitments, there’s rarely time. Plus, I like finding things that are easy for my kids to do without my help. These bookmarks are the perfect free Valentine’s day printables for your kids to enjoy decorating while you relax.

Download them right here, and let me know what you think! Feel free to share your finished bookmarks by tagging @angiecruiseblog on Instagram!

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