My Wellness Journey

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I didn’t know it at the time, but the day I decided to start making better choices for me and my family, I’d embarked on a wellness journey.

That one step led me to take another step, and then another.

When I made this decision, I didn’t have a community.  None of my friends understood what I was doing, or why I was doing it.  In fact, I was even encouraged to treat my daughter’s eczema with bleach baths.  Surely, that was easier than making all of these changes, right?

My wellness journey was a lonely and overwhelming process for me.

No one else “got it.”  This was before Facebook groups had become really popular, so it’s not like I could just do a quick search and find the community I needed.  The only thing I could really do was research one thing at a time.

Because of that, our journey was a long one.  We started out by eliminating one thing.  Aspartame. I’d read a book while I was pregnant (What to Expect When You’re Expecting) about how bad aspartame was.  It prompted me to start looking at labels, so I did.  I cut everything with aspartame during my pregnancy, and figured I may as well continue once I had my baby.  If it was that bad for me while I was pregnant, surely it was still bad for me.

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 That started a snowball effect.

From there, I started realizing exactly what was in our food.  I’d decided to breastfeed, and then move into Baby Led Weaning, and I wanted to make sure I was giving my baby a good start in life. Slowly, we eliminated one ingredient after another, until we were basically left eating a Paleo diet by default.  I’d never heard of Paleo (I don’t think it was a thing, yet), but that’s just what made sense to me.

Meal Planning 

From there, I started paying attention to everything around me. My daughter had eczema, and I was convinced that something was causing the irritation. Spoiler alert: I was right.

If that many bad ingredients were allowed in our food, what was allowed in our cleaners?

This was the question I kept asking myself.  Obviously, if so many bad ingredients were allowed in our food, the same had to be true for the things labeled as dangerous to ingest.

This is where I lost a lot of my support.  It’s normal to watch what you eat.  Most people do that in some form or another during their life, so it’s something they understand.  But I wasn’t eating cleaners.  What’s the point? Who cares what’s in them if they kill germs and keep your house clean. Right?

That was the type of comments I got a lot during this period of research.

Still, I continued making changes in our own house. I faced the criticism, dealt with the overwhelming information online, and kept learning and changing. This process took me years, because I was doing it totally alone.

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If only I’d had a community to turn to.

Cleaning up our lifestyle was a really long, really overwhelming process.  At the time, I didn’t have any like-minded friends.  Of course, now, I have made friends that think the same way I do.  America is waking up to the dangers of conventional ingredients.  Restaurants are cleaning up their ingredients, triclosan was banned from many items on store shelves (but not all).  People are starting to pay attention, and read labels, and demand better.

It’s the best time to make this switch, because there is so much information available.  We’re living in an age of a lot of positive change when it comes to our health.

I’ve now begun to build a community to share information on living a natural lifestyle and using essential oils with another blogging friend, Brittany, from A Mama Tale. We’ve both taken the same journey and ended up with Young Living.  We’re in different places on that journey, but we’re both still learning and growing. We’d love to have you join us and learn with us! This community is for anyone wanting to live a more natural lifestyle, because no one should be doing it alone.

Update 7/7/19: I learned a lot about essential oils through my journey with Young Living, but I’ve officially left the company. I still love my essential oils, though, and after tons of research, I made the switch to Plant Therapy. They’ve been an excellent addition to my wellness journey, for a much more affordable price.

Their missions is to have the greatest impact on as many people as possible by offering high quality essential oils along with proper education to their customers. They have on-staff aromatherapists, an extensive Kid Safe line, and product testing available right on their website for everyoneto see. Plus, you don’t have to sign up for a membership to save. If you want to give them a try you can get $5 off your purchase of $50, plus FREE SHIPPING! Just use Code “5OFF” to save.

In this group, we’ll be chatting about all of our favorite natural living topics. Things like food, yoga, meditation, green cleaning, self discovery, essential oils, and so much more. If this sounds like a community that can help you on your own wellness journey, you can join right here.  I can’t wait to get to know you!



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