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Thinking about trying out yoga this year? Check out my favorite yoga gear essentials for a great home practice or yoga class! #yogagear #yogaessentials #yoga

Thinking about trying out yoga? Check out my favorite yoga gear essentials for a great home practice!

I recently wrote about my personal goals for the year, and shared a lot about my recent yoga journey. While I attend a lot of community based classes, and have a few months of private lessons lined up, the majority of my regular practice is done at home.

Personally, I find it easier to maintain a daily yoga practice at home, and with so many video options available these days, it’s easier than ever!

One of the things I love about yoga is that it doesn’t require much gear. You don’t need to go to a gym, spend thousands of dollars on fancy equipment, or dedicate an entire room of your house to working out. Nope, you can chaturanga in just about any room of your house! My personal favorite place to practice is our living room-slash-music room. It’s got plenty of floor space, good tunes, and a pretty zen vibe.

Still, while you don’t need much, there are a few yoga gear essentials I recommend for anyone building a regular yoga practice!

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A Yoga Mat

Please, if you grab nothing else for yourself before starting, get a good quality yoga mat. They don’t have to be expensive, but they do need a good grip. Take it from me, a regular exercise mat is not the same thing. You’ll find yourself slipping, and that’s no fun at all.

I personally like this one. You can get a variety of patterns on Amazon, and most stores sell them as well! Plus, they’re so pretty, and the price won’t break the bank.

Yoga Blocks

I never really considered yoga blocks in the beginning, but now that I understand how to use them, they’re a great beginner tool!

Essentially, blocks act as an extention of the floor, so they can help you as you’re getting into new poses and increasing your flexibility. (Hint: ever used the excuse “but I can’t even touch my toes,” when referring to yoga? Here’s the solution!)

I also like to use blocks in a supported bridge pose, split prep, and as a head rest in some more restorative postures. Honestly, there are tons of uses for yoga blocks! Do yourself a favor and learn how to use them early on in your practice!

They don’t have to be anything fancy. Grab a set of two (like these) for less than $10!

A Glass Water Bottle

Staying hydrated while you workout is always a good idea, and yoga is no exception. I like to drink a bottle of water an hour or so before practice, have one during my practice, and a third once practice is over.

I tend to prefer a glass bottle like this one over the plastic options. Not only does it not leech toxins into my water, but it tastes better and is more eco friendly! When I first looked into the glass bottles, I was nervous about breaking them. Now I can tell you pretty confidently that it hasn’t been an issue in a few years. The silicone grips are really protective, and the glass is really strong! I have had this exact bottle for several years now and love it.

Mat Spray

Yoga mats get pretty gross. We workout in our bare feet, sweat, and rest our heads on them for an hour at a time. Then, we roll them up and put them away until next time.

It’s really important to give your mat a regular cleaning, and I love this recipe for a simple mat spray you can make at home! Simply spray the mat down and wipe well with a clean towel. Then, hang your mat to dry or let it lay out for a few minutes before rolling it up!

A Supportive Sports Bra

Yoga isn’t like a lot of other workouts. You spend a lot of time upside down, or mostly upside down. Forward folds, down dog, crow, inversions…A good, supportive sports bra can make or break your experience. Trust me. I’ve had a few misshaps, and they’re not fun. Not only are they a distraction, but it’s not comfortable, and can be downright embarassing if you’re in a class.

If you’re trying on bras in the store, be sure to give it a good downdog test to make sure everything stays put.

There are a lot of options available online, too. My personal affordable option is currently this one. It’s lightweight, supportive, and keeps everything in place!

Yoga Pants

Yeah, technically you can do yoga in any pants, and I certainly have. But a good pair of yoga pants can make your practice a lot more comfortable. I recommend a pair that’s high waisted with a control top. They’ll stay put without rolling down or sliding, and they’ll be more flattering!

I’m a huge fan of the Old Navy high waisted, control top yoga pants that they carry in stores. They hold up well, flatter my butt, don’t roll down, and come in some really cute styles. Plus, while they’re already a pretty great price, they tend to go on sale regularly, which makes them even better!

Another great option I’ve recently found are these Tesla yoga pants. I don’t have as many of these as I do the Old Navy brand, but they’re good quality, come in some really cute styles, and have held up well for me this year! Plus, they have pockets!

Yoga Blanket

Okay, okay. I know that’s not the technical term for these blankets, but a lot of people use them for yoga! These are great for outdoor yoga, resorative postures, and support in some more advanced poses. They’re also great for additional padding under your knees if that’s something you struggle with!

We’ve grabbed our blankets on various vacations, because we love them, but you can also get them on Amazon! I really like this brand, because they have a good mission to go along with their product.

Another great use for your yoga blanket is to actually cover up with it during savasana! (For total newbies, savasana is the best part of yoga, where you literally lay down on your back like you’re dead asleep. It’s amazing and restorative, and a nice blanket makes it even more enjoyable)

Eye Pillow

Speaking of savasana, these eye pillows are another great piece of yoga gear you should add to your collection! You lay them across your eyes during savasana and they help block out the light while adding a little weight. Plus, these have lavender in them, which is super relaxing!

They’re pretty easy to make if you’re crafty and know the basics of sewing. You can check out my tutorial here. If you’re not up for a DIY, though, check out this one!

Cute Yoga Tops

The last piece of yoga gear I’m going to recommend is a cute yoga top or two. Obviously, this isn’t essential, but I love yoga tops. If I’m being totally honest, I probably have more yoga shirts than regular shirts. They’re so comfortable! If you’re looking for a few cute ones that you can wear to practice or to the store, you should check out the options I have in my shop! There are several styles available to choose from!

Tip for picking a yoga shirt: If you’re actually planning to wear it while practicing (I do), make sure to also give it the downward facing dog test when you try it on. Some looser fitting styles do nothing but slide up around your face every time you go upside down! (Side note: not all of the options in my shop will pass this test, but I have personally practiced in this one without any problem!)


Obviously, you don’t have to own all of this yoga gear before your first class. Grab a mat and some comfortable clothes and give it a try!

But, if you find that you enjoy the practice and want a few items to make it more comfortable, then come back to this list and start building your collection!

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Thinking about trying out yoga this year? Check out my favorite yoga gear essentials for a great home practice or yoga class!

Thinking about trying out yoga this year? Check out my favorite yoga gear essentials for a great home practice or yoga class! #yoga #yogagear #yogaessentials

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