5 Yoga Retreat Benefits for New Yogis

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Even if you are brand new to the practice, you’d be surprised at how many yoga retreat benefits you can enjoy.

I just got back from my second ever yoga retreat. Last year, I went to Deepen the Heart for the first time with my good friend and yoga instructor, Melody Butler. This year, I was asked to participate by way of offering a few self care workshops with some fun yoga inspired DIY’s. I’ll be back soon with those recipes. Today, I wanted to share some reasons why you should attend your first yoga retreat.

Of course, experienced yogis know all about these benefits, but I know that before attending my first retreat, I was worried about fitting in. I’d only been practicing for about 6 months at the time, and was recovering from a back injury that really restricted what I could do on the mat. Still, I had a blast, heading back this past weekend got my head spinning about all of the amazing yoga retreat benefits I’ve experienced over the last 2 trips.

Here are 5 amazing yoga retreat benefits for any yogi!

Are there yoga retreat benefits for everyone?

You don’t have to have a regular yoga practice to experience benefits from a yoga retreat. You don’t have to have the perfect form, the best equipment, the cutest clothes, or even know the people going.

In fact, you can even get some great benefits from a retreat even if you’ve never practiced yoga before!

Check out these reasons to attend below, and start planning your first trip!

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1. Start (or Deepen) Your Yoga Practice

Obviously, when you go to a yoga retreat, you’re going to practice a lot of yoga. As long as you pick a retreat with all-levels classes advertised, you’ll be welcomed with open arms. Even as a beginner! As a bonus, you’ll be getting hands-on instruction, so you know you’re doing each pose right and won’t get into any bad habits from the start.

If you’ve already got an established practice, there’s still a really good chance that you’ll learn something new. Retreats offer more time than your typical 60-90 minute class. That allows for a lot more time to break down specific postures or sequences while still providing assistance to the class.

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2. Relaxation and “You” Time

I like to look at my yoga retreat weekends as a mini vacation. We head to the beach, hang out in a cabin, and there’s no kids allowed. Everyone is there to relax, unwind, and have a good time.

It’s a great opportunity to detach yourself from your phone, computer, email, or social media and just be. In fact, it’s advisable to leave as much of that at home as possible so you’re not distracted.

We all lead busy lives. Between work demands, the kids, the house, and all of the errands, it can be hard to slow down and just be present in the moment.

Heading to a retreat, even just for a weekend, gives you a chance to step back from that for a little while and focus on ourselves. Take the time for self reflection, spending time in nature, or even just reading a book that you wouldn’t have time to read at home.

3. Meet Like-Minded People & Leave with New Friends

As nice as it is to get away and have some alone time, I have to also admit how fun it is to meet new people at retreats. You’ll meet people from all walks of life, with such different stories than your own.

But at the same time, magic happens when you’re in such a supportive atmosphere and everyone is relaxed and connected in such a small space.

It really is the perfect atmosphere to create new friendships or deepen old ones.

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4. The Amazing Healthy Food

Now, I’ve only been to a couple of yoga retreats, so I can’t speak for all of them, but the food at both has been amazing. Eating right is a pretty important part of yoga, since your focus is on taking care of your mind, body, and spirit.

At a yoga retreat, you’ll probably be introduced to many healthy options you’ve never tried before. You’ll also leave knowing a little bit more about how to properly fuel your body to make it feel good. You’ll be able to go home with a bit more knowledge of nutrition, and maybe even some recipes to try at home!

5. You’ll Get out in Nature

Spending time in nature is so refreshing and rejuvenating on so many levels. Take the time to enjoy the scenery, breathe deeply, and take in the fresh air.

So much of our day is usually spend indoors. Between work, restaurants, cars, and home, we rarely get the time to get out in nature.

You’ll be amazed at how much more grounded and calm you feel after spending time outside in nature, especially if you’re used to city streets!

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There are yoga retreat benefits for everyone

It really doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to the practice or if you’ve been practicing for years. There are so many benefits to attending a yoga retreat for everyone! Relax, get in nature, eat good food, and meet some new friends. After all, how often do you get to detach from the hustle and bustle of life and do something just for you?

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