What is Your Personality Type?

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I don’t know about you, but I think personality tests are fascinating.  Well, to clarify, I think in depth personality tests are.  It’s so interesting how much you can find out about yourself by learning your personality type! It can really help you find like-minded individuals, as well.  That’s always a bonus!

This past week, I’ve gone down the rabbit hole of personality quizzes.  I’ve even found some Facebook groups for my results!  The thing is, I’ve been on this path of self-discovery for awhile, and reading the results of these quizzes is addictive.

I thought I’d share, so you can know the woman behind the words better.  I’ll also add links to the quizzes here, so that you can take them and learn a little more about your own personality type!

The Ultimate Personality Quiz

My favorite quiz (which seems to be the most popular), is the Meyer Briggs Personality Quiz.  There are several variations available, but I really love the original.  It takes a little longer (about 10 minutes), but it’s really specific.  This is the second time I’ve taken this quiz.  I took it again because I couldn’t remember everything about my results and wanted to read everything again.  My results came out as INFJ, which is actually incredibly rare.  We make up about 1% of the population, which makes it the rarest personality type out of the 16 that this quiz generates.  I think that’s pretty cool, and explains why I’ve always felt like I was so different!

My Personality Type Explained

There are some really cool aspects of INFJ’s.  Here are some that really stood out to me:

  • Nurturing and patient
  • Warm and caring
  • Organized and able to juggle responsibilities
  • Highly intuitive
  • Creative and imaginative

Apparently, the most common careers for INFJ’s are writing, counseling, public service, or politics.  I guess I found my niche in writing!

It’s really cool to see how the little details of your personality type affect the big decisions.  I would probably not be a writer!  The creative business that I have babied for 7 years might not exist!

I Compared with a Second Quiz

I enjoyed reading the results of this quiz so much, that I went a little further.  Disclaimer: This is where my inner nerd really shines.

Personality type: Ravenclaw

I decided to search for a Hogwarts House Quiz, because, well, I’ve always been curious.  I had a feeling I’d be in Ravenclaw, but of course, everyone always hopes for Hogwarts so they can be friends with Harry Potter and go on adventures, right? (Newsflash: I’d be a mess in most of those situations).

It turns out, I am in Ravenclaw, which is pretty cool.  It fits well with my INFJ personality type pretty well, too. I really expected this test to be corny and childish, but it wasn’t!  I mean, sure, there are questions about which Deathly Hallow you would choose, but there are also questions like “If your house catches on fire, what is the first object you’d choose?” and, “You get lost while out hiking.  What’s your plan of action?”

Traits of a Ravenclaw

Some of the Ravenclaw traits are:

  • Creative and original
  • Able to adapt well
  • Very wise
  • Competitive
  • Know how to use their strengths

As you can see, there’s a lot of overlap in the two personality types!

Using Personality Types to Your Advantage

It’s been really neat learning my personality type, and I was excited to share with you, so you can know me a little better!  Now, I can use all of the information I’ve learned about myself in good ways.  Knowing some of the strengths and weaknesses of my personality, it’ll help me learn to cope with the rest of the world a little easier.  I’ve confirmed the fact that I really I am different than most of the people I know, and understanding that can really shed light onto disagreements I encounter.

Did you take either of these tests?  I’d love to hear your results in the comments below! Did you learn anything about yourself?

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